AJ Henson Arm Wrestler, Height, Weight, Age, Champions

We have seen that how AJ Henson dominating arm wrestlers with his technique, “left hand side pressure”. AJ Henson has win the World Arm wrestling League WAL 2014 Finalist, WAL 2015 Western Region: 1st Place Left-hand.

AJ Henson

A.J Henson
AJ Henson

Meet A.J. Henson, a powerhouse arm wrestler from Douglas, Wyoming, standing at 5’9″ and weighing 200 lbs. With six years of experience, he’s excelled in WAL competitions, reaching the finals in 2014 and securing 1st Place Left-hand in 2015. Beyond arm wrestling, A.J. is a self-employed fencer, hunting guide, and trapper, indulging in hobbies like trapping, hunting, and shooting. His EFT of 0 indicates precise arm control. Stay tuned for the thrilling world of A.J. Henson, blending strength and skill in the arm wrestling arena.

AJ Henson Height & Weight

A.J Henson is 39 years old . He is 5’9″/175cm tall , A.J Henson weighted in at 91kg/200Ibs. Biceps 17.2” | 43cm, Forearm 14.7” | 37 cm, Wrist 7.7” | 19 cm.

AJ Henson Arm Wrestling Career

Six years ago, A.J. Henson started arm wrestling, and since then, he’s become really good at it. He worked really hard and got to the finals of WAL 2014. He also won the 1st Place Left-hand title at the WAL 2015 Western Region competition. This shows how much he loves the sport and puts in a lot of effort to be great at it. His journey is all about not giving up, learning, and trying his best. Winning these competitions isn’t just about being strong; it’s about his determination and never giving up. A.J.’s story in arm wrestling is like a cool adventure of practicing a lot, facing challenges, and getting better. And he’s not done yet – there’s more to come in his exciting journey!

Beyond the Arm Wrestling Table

A.J. Henson’s life extends well beyond the arm wrestling table. As a self-employed fencer, hunting guide, and trapper, he seamlessly integrates strength, skill, and a genuine connection with the outdoors into his daily pursuits. This diverse professional portfolio not only showcases his physical abilities but also highlights his adaptability and resourcefulness.

His role as a fencer reflects not just strength but also strategic finesse, extending his capabilities beyond arm wrestling. As a hunting guide, A.J. navigates the wilderness with a deep understanding of nature, emphasizing his intimate connection with the outdoor environment. The art of trapping further underscores his resourcefulness, mirroring the challenges he faces both in the wild and on the arm wrestling stage.

A.J.’s hobbies offer a glimpse into a lifestyle intricately woven with his passion for the outdoors. Whether setting traps, embarking on hunting expeditions, or refining shooting skills, these activities complement his arm wrestling prowess, portraying him as a well-rounded individual. A.J. Henson’s life story unfolds as a tapestry where strength, skill, and a deep affinity for nature converge, making him a distinctive figure both in and out of the arm wrestling arena.

The Silent Strength of AJ Henson

A.J.’s silence speaks volumes as he lets his arm wrestling achievements and diverse skills do the talking. His EFT (Elbow to Fingertips) measurement of 0 only adds to the mystique surrounding his technique, leaving opponents and spectators in awe of his silent strength.


In the world of arm wrestling, A.J. Henson stands tall as a multifaceted competitor, combining his skills as a fencer and hunting guide with his passion for the sport. His journey, marked by WAL titles and a unique set of hobbies, paints a picture of a true powerhouse in the realm of arm wrestling, making him a name worth remembering.


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