Resistance bands, Rolling handles and thick grip curl bars are among the finest equipment for beginning arm wrestling training, according to professional arm wrestlers. With these tools, you may work on strengthening your wrists and forearms while the resistance bands provide you time under stress.


Recent additions include some great arm wrestling gear for Arm Sport.

Wrist Curls

Performing a variety of wrist curls is the key to building wrist and forearm strength. The most effective workout for arm wrestlers is wrist curls. Below, we’ll examine a few possible versions.

Banded Wrist Curls

An efficient warm-up exercise before tackling harder curls. You might start with a lower resistance band to get the blood pumping. The consistent band pressure allows for a longer period of time under tension, which will significantly aid in the development of a solid support grip and a solid base of wrist strength for you to grow on. When completing these, concentrate more on the wrist and squeeze the forearm; you should feel a great stretch and ongoing heat.

  • Use a low-tension band to begin.
  • Put it up or hook it to the ground.
  • Thumb up as you grasp the band in your hands.
  • Curl your wrist gradually upward while holding it loosely.
  • Set the wrist down once again.
  • Slowly curl back up to the top.

Forearm Hammer Lever

A useful exercise for increasing wrist and forearm strength is the forearm hammer lever. A powerful wrist is necessary for a secure hold. No matter if you’re playing tennis, arm wrestling, lifting stones, or bending steel. Strong wrists are necessary. The forearm hammer lever is excellent for developing the wrist and forearm muscles. Use it without any weight or, for an additional challenge, add weight at the end. The forearm hammer lever is most frequently used in back-and-forth motions. 

To lever the hammer from vertical to horizontal, simply move your wrist. The best way to strengthen your wrists is to do it this way. Your wrist strength will increase fast if you do this a few times each week.

Wristmax – Wrist & Finger Trainer

The muscles, ligaments, and tendons in your hand and wrist may be developed with the WristMax Arm Wrestling handle. In tournaments and events involving arm wrestling, these are necessary for success. It makes use of eccentric training techniques to improve your hand and wrist strength, power and speed, as well as your capacity for rapid and effective direction changes.

You can reduce your risk of injury during practice and competition by strengthening your tendons. The best handle for specifically working out the wrist and fingers is WristMax. It is ergonomically created to match the athlete’s grip and keep them at ease while working out. It is the perfect thing for your gym bag or desk practice because it is simple to attach to cable equipment.

Cone Puller – Hook Trainer

Arm wrestling matches may be won within the first few seconds with the aid of a powerful hook on its own or a great top roll. Unfortunately, perfecting your hook technique on regular gym equipment is difficult. In order to provide resistance, you need to quickly develop hand, wrist, and forearm strength and power. The Arm Sports arm wrestling handles attach to weight machines, cable machines, and loading pins. The hook training handle on the cone puller is specifically designed to target the muscles, tendons, and ligaments required to correctly execute an unbeatable hook technique.

Wrist ball Wrist Trainer

It is a part of the Arm Wrestling collection we’re building. Some of the best wrist and forearm developments on the market are now available to you thanks to our partnership with Arm Sport. Wrist Ball is the best tool for enhancing wrist dexterity, mobility, and strength. You can easily attach to any cable machine or loading pin to do a variety of wrist curls to help develop wrist strength.


Resistance bands are an extremely flexible form of exercise equipment. Ideal for usage at home, in the gym, or even when travelling. Perfect for training in strength, hypertrophy, endurance, and recuperation. Four resistance band sets come with a handy carrying bag. We like using resistance bands to make our grip tool lifts more challenging. They are great for extending your capacity under pressure and for enhancing your attention and stability.

There are four bands available, each with a unique set of benefits.

Red – The diameter of the red resistance band is 0.5″, and it may create resistance weighing between 7 and 16 kg. Perfect for getting warmed up, getting cool down, or healing from an injury.

Black – The black resistance band, which has a diameter of 0.9″, offers a substantially harsher stretch than the red one and may be used for superb exercise. It’s perfect for an all-around workout with resistance varying from 11 to 30 kg.

Purple – Our second-highest resistance band, with a 1.3″ diameter, is purple. The purple band’s resistance range of 16–39 kg makes it perfect for stretching exercises and strength training.

Green – Currently, with a weighty 25-57kg of resistance, this is our toughest resistance band. The 1.7″ diameter seems fairly intimidating at first. Ideal for assisted pull-ups or adding weight to your routines.


Ans : Arm wrestling strap is used for holding hands.

Ans : 47.24/In Long, 2.5cm wide tubular nylon with soft clip.

Ans : A good weight-training routine will grow your wrist flexors and forearm muscles. Growing your wrist power develops your grip.

Ans : Arm wrestling has been a genuine sport since the 50’s.


Numerous grip exercises have actions that can help your arm wrestling strength. Wrist strength is one of their main points in common. It is crucial to have a strong wrist for both grip-specific training and arm wrestling. You’re on the right road if you’re exercising your wrist. A wristband helps to achieve your desired goals. Wrist power enables you to enter more advantageous positions, wear down your opponent, and use pinning techniques. 

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