Auden Larratt : Age, Height, Weight, Net worth

Auden Larratt is a professional arm wrestler from Canada, Coming from a well-known family of arm wrestlers in Canada. He is the son of Devon Larratt and Jodi Larratt.

Auden Larratt

Auden is a professional arm wrestler and content creator from Canada, born on April 1, 2005. He’s seen as a future star in the arm wrestling world, likely inspired by his dad, Devon Larratt, who’s won arm wrestling championships many times. His mom, Jodi Larratt, is also a skilled arm wrestler and actress. Even his sister, Habree Larratt, is in on the arm wrestling action! With such a talented family, it’s no wonder they’re known as the Arm Wrestler Family. Keep an eye on Auden – he’s got big things ahead!

Auden Larratt Age & Height

Auden Larratt is 19 years old. He is 6 feet 2in tall 6’ 2” | 190 cm, Auden weighed in at 96 kg | 212 lbs. Biceps 15.7” | 40 cm, Auden Larratt Forearm 16.1” | 41 cm, Wrist —-.

Auden Larratt Age & Height, Weight, Forearms, Hand size, Bisceps
Auden Larratt Age & Height
  • Auden Larratt 19 Years Old.
  • Auden Larratt is Feet 2inch Tall (1.90m)
  • Auden Larratt Weight 96kg or 212lbs
  • Auden Larratt Biceps 15.7” | 40 cm
  • Auden Larratt Forearm 16.1” | 41 cm
  • Auden Larratt Wrist ——

Auden Larratt Matches

King of the Table 10Feb 24, 2024, 22:00Etienne Waite0 – 6AUDEN LARRATT
ARM WARS Dark Card 3Sep 16, 2023, SatChris Ham4 – 2AUDEN LARRATT
ARM WARS Dark Card 3Sep 16, 2023, SatANIL NAJRAN5 – 1ANIL NAJRAN
Auden Larratt Matches


Auden Larratt is undoubtedly a rising star in both the world of arm wrestling and content creation. Born into a family deeply rooted in arm wrestling, with his father Devon Larratt being a multiple-time world champion and his mother Jodi Larratt excelling in both arm wrestling and acting, Auden has inherited a legacy of talent and determination. His own passion for arm wrestling, coupled with his flair for content creation, sets him apart as a promising figure in the sports and entertainment industry. With his dedicated pursuit of excellence and the unwavering support of his family, Auden Larratt is poised to leave a lasting mark on the world stage.


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