Denis Cyplenkov Record’s : Age, Height, Weight, Net worth

We have seen how Denis Cyplenkov is dominating the world of arm wrestling. He is also known for his Big Hands, exceptional hand strength and raw power. His impressive wrist control and crushing grip, combined with tactical prowess, make him a true legend in the sport. He is a strict curl world record holder since 2015 with a weight of 113 kg.

Denis Cyplenkov

Denis Cyplenkov is a is a Russian armwrestler, bodybuilder, and strongman champion. Born on 10 March 1982 in Krivoy Roy Ukraine. He earned international acceptance for his exceptional strength and dominance in arm wrestling. He went to Secondary school at the age of six(6). After Graduating from school, he moved to Moscow to continue his studies. In 1993, he quickly started participating in different sports activities.

Denis Cyplenkov Age & Height

Denis Cyplenkov Age & Height

Denis Cyplenkov is 41 years old as of 2023. He is 6 feet 1in tall (1.86cm), Denis weighed in at 130 kg | 287 lbs, Biceps 21.3” | 54 cm, Forearm 17.7” | 45 cm, Wrist 9.4” | 24 cm.

  • 41 Years Old
  • 6 Feet 1 inch Tall (1.86cm)
  • Weight 130.5kg or
  • Biceps 21.3” | 54cm
  • Forearm 17.7” | 45 cm
  • Wrist 9.4” | 24 cm

Denis Cyplenkov Hands

Denis Cyplenkov Hands

Denis Cyplenkov Hands, a titan in the world of arm wrestling, is widely recognized for his exceptional hand size – 9.5 inches (24 cm) that gives him a formidable presence in the sport. These large hands are not just a physical attribute but a key factor in his arm wrestling dominance, offering him an enhanced grip strength and control over his opponents.

This unique advantage, coupled with his impressive technique and power, has cemented Cyplenkov’s status as a living legend in arm wrestling circles. His hands, symbolic of his strength and skill, are often the focus of both awe and analysis among enthusiasts, underscoring his extraordinary capabilities in the competitive arena.

Arm Wrestling Career

In 1993 he started his Strength Sports career with Kettlebell. Later he started Arm Wrestling in 1996 at the age of 14. From now on, his main focus will be only on taking part in professional competitions.

Standing at 1.86 meters tall, he weighed an impressive 140 kg at his peak. His arms were 64 cm around, and his wrists were 24 cm around. But what really catches the eye are his huge hands and super thick fingers. In a viral video, he effortlessly cracks open two nuts, showcasing his incredible strength.

Denis Cyplenkov Record’s

Denis Cyplenkov, renowned for his extraordinary prowess in arm wrestling and strength sports, holds several impressive records and achievements:

20066-0 victoryMatch against Andrey PushkarAndrey PushkarBG
20086-0 victoryMatch against Andrey PushkarAndrey PushkarBG
20091-5 defeatMatch against John BrzenkJohn BrzenkBD
20122-3 defeatMatch against Arsen LilievArsen LilievBD
20133-0 victoryMatch against Arsen LilievArsen LilievBD
20164-2 victoryMatch against Mikaël ToddMikaël ToddBD
20186-0 victoryMatch against Devon LarrattDevon LarrattBG
20236-0 victoryMatch against John BrzenkJohn BrzenkBD
  1. Nemiroff World Cup Champion: Cyplenkov has multiple victories at the Nemiroff World Cup, one of the most prestigious arm wrestling tournaments in the world. His dominance in this event has been a highlight of his career.
  2. Russian National Armwrestling Champion: Denis has secured multiple national championship titles in Russia, showcasing his strength and skill against some of the country’s best competitors.
  3. European Arm Wrestling Champion: His successes extend beyond national boundaries, with victories in European arm wrestling championships, further cementing his status as a top-tier arm wrestler on the continent.
  4. World Arm Wrestling Championships: Denis has been a formidable competitor in various world arm wrestling championships, often placing at the top and demonstrating his global dominance in the sport.
  5. Strength Feats and Records: Outside formal competitions, Cyplenkov is known for his incredible feats of strength. He’s recognized for having one of the largest hand sizes among arm wrestlers, which, along with his muscular build, contributes significantly to his gripping power and arm wrestling technique.
  6. Unofficial Records: While many of his strength feats are not formal records, they have contributed to his legend in the strength sports community. This includes demonstrations of his crushing grip strength and ability to handle extremely heavy weights in training and exhibitions.

Net Worth & Income Sources

Denis Cyplenkov made most of his fortune from Arm wrestling, Arm Wrestling Competitions, Sponserships and others. Through competing in Arm Wrestling competitions worldwide, he has amassed a substantial fortune. According to multiple sources, his current net worth is somewhere around 1 Million Dollars as of 2024.

Though he made most of his fortune from Arm wrestling, but, this isn’t his only income source. While the specific details of his income may vary from year to year, here is a list of potential income sources for Denis Cyplenkov.

  • Sponsorships
  • Arm Wrestling Competitions
  • YouTube and Social Media
  • Training and Coaching
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Public Appearances and Seminars
  • Media Appearances
  • Online Arm Wrestling Communities
  • Endorsement Deals
  • Product Development
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Investments

Facts About Denis Cyplenkov

Denis Cyplenkov is a renowned figure in the world of strength sports, particularly in arm wrestling. Here are some key facts about him:

  1. Early Life: Denis Cyplenkov was born on March 10, 1982, in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine. He displayed a keen interest in strength-related sports from a young age.
  2. Physical Stature: One of Denis’s most notable physical features is his exceptionally large hands, which are not only large but also incredibly strong. This physical attribute gives him a significant advantage in arm wrestling.
  3. Multi-Sport Athlete: While Denis is primarily known for his achievements in arm wrestling, he is also skilled in bodybuilding and powerlifting, showcasing his versatile strength capabilities.
  4. Arm Wrestling Achievements: He has won several prestigious titles in arm wrestling, including the Nemiroff World Cup, and has been a dominant force in the sport, particularly in the heavyweight category.
  5. Strength Feats: Denis is known for his impressive feats of strength, which include crushing apples with one hand and bending frying pans, showcasing his grip strength and overall power.
  6. Training and Technique: He is recognized for his rigorous training regime and technical proficiency in arm wrestling, which have been key to his success.
  7. Popularity and Influence: Denis has a significant following in the strength sports community and is considered a celebrity in the world of arm wrestling. His achievements have made him an inspiration to many aspiring athletes.
  8. Injuries and Recovery: Like many athletes, Denis has faced injuries throughout his career. His resilience and dedication to recovery are well-known, as he has made successful comebacks to the sport after periods of rehabilitation.
  9. Artistic Pursuits: Interestingly, outside of his athletic career, Denis has shown an interest in artistic endeavors, particularly in painting, which adds another dimension to his personality.
  10. Legacy: Denis Cyplenkov’s impact on arm wrestling and strength sports goes beyond his physical achievements. He has contributed to popularizing these sports and has left a lasting legacy in terms of training techniques and competitive spirit.

These facts paint a picture of Denis Cyplenkov as not only a formidable athlete but also a multifaceted individual with a diverse range of interests and skills.

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