Devon Larratt vs Georgi Tsvetkov King of the table 9

In the world of professional arm wrestling, few matches have garnered as much excitement and anticipation as the showdown Devon Larratt Vs Georgi Tsvetkov. This match, part of the King of the Table 9 (KOTT9) event, held on December 9th, 2023, was not just a test of strength but a battle of wits, experience, and technique between two of the sport’s most formidable athletes.

Devon Larratt King of the Table 9

Devon Larratt, hailing from Canada, is a name synonymous with arm wrestling excellence. Known for his incredible endurance and tactical approach, Larratt has been a dominant force in the sport for years. His journey is one of perseverance and adaptability, overcoming injuries and constantly refining his technique to stay at the top of his game. Larratt’s style is characterized by his ability to read his opponents and adapt mid-match, a skill that has earned him numerous titles and accolades.


Key Strengths

  • Endurance and Stamina: Larratt’s matches are a testament to his extraordinary endurance. He can sustain long battles without losing significant strength, a trait that often wears down his opponents.
  • Tactical Intelligence: He is not just about brute strength; his matches display a deep understanding of leverage, positioning, and opponent psychology.
  • Versatility: Larratt is known for being versatile in his techniques, often switching between them seamlessly during matches.

Georgi Tsvetkov

Georgi Tsvetkov, on the other hand, represents the rising talent from Bulgaria. Although less experienced than Larratt, Tsvetkov has quickly made a name for himself with his explosive power and aggressive style. His ascent in the arm wrestling ranks is a story of raw talent meeting relentless hard work. Tsvetkov’s approach is more direct and forceful, often overwhelming his opponents with sheer power.

Georgi Tsvetkov
Georgi Tsvetkov

Key Strengths

  • Explosive Power: Tsvetkov’s arm wrestling is marked by a sudden and powerful pull, often catching his opponents off guard.
  • Aggressive Strategy: He tends to dictate the pace of the match, aggressively pursuing victory from the onset.
  • Physical Strength: Tsvetkov has built a reputation for his impressive physical strength, particularly in his arm and shoulder muscles.

Devon Larratt vs Georgi Tsvetkov Details

The encounter between Devon Larratt and Georgi Tsvetkov is not just a battle of strength but a clash of contrasting styles. On one side, we have Larratt’s endurance and tactical play, and on the other, Tsvetkov’s raw power and aggression. This matchup is intriguing for several reasons:

Here’s a comparison table that highlights the key differences between Devon Larratt and Georgi Tsvetkov:

AspectDevon LarrattGeorgi Tsvetkov
StyleEndurance and TacticalExplosive and Aggressive
Key StrengthsEndurance, Stamina, Tactical Intelligence, VersatilityExplosive Power, Aggressive Strategy, Physical Strength
Notable AchievementsMultiple titles and accolades in international competitionsRapid rise in rankings, notable victories against seasoned opponents
Tactical ApproachReads opponents, adapts mid-match, switches techniquesDirect and forceful, dictates match pace

This table encapsulates the unique attributes and achievements of each athlete, showcasing the contrast in their styles and approaches to the sport of arm wrestling.

  1. Endurance vs. Power: Will Larratt’s stamina and strategic play outlast Tsvetkov’s explosive strength?
  2. Tactical Acumen vs. Aggression: How will Larratt’s experience and tactical intelligence fare against Tsvetkov’s aggressive and direct approach?
  3. Psychological Warfare: Both athletes are known for their mental toughness. The psychological aspect of their match will be as crucial as the physical.

Devon Larratt vs Georgi Tsvetkov Match Highlights

Round 1:

  • The match starts with intense focus from both competitors.
  • Tsvetkov immediately goes on the offensive with his signature explosive power.
  • Larratt absorbs the initial surge, relying on his defensive skills and endurance.
  • After a tense few moments, Larratt counters with a strategic top roll, but Tsvetkov holds strong.

Round 2:

  • Tsvetkov again starts aggressively, trying to overpower Larratt quickly.
  • Larratt, showcasing his adaptability, switches techniques to counter Tsvetkov’s strength.
  • A prolonged struggle ensues, with both athletes pushing their limits.
  • Larratt eventually gains the upper hand, leveraging his experience and tactical play to win the round.

Round 3:

  • Tsvetkov, undeterred, adapts his approach, showing more caution.
  • Larratt continues to employ a mix of techniques, keeping Tsvetkov guessing.
  • The round is marked by a series of intense lock-ups, with neither athlete giving ground easily.
  • In a dramatic finish, Tsvetkov manages to use his raw strength to secure a victory in this round.

Round 4:

  • The fatigue begins to show on both competitors.
  • Larratt’s endurance comes into play, as he seems to retain more energy.
  • Tsvetkov, while still powerful, struggles to maintain the same level of aggression.
  • Larratt capitalizes on this, using his endurance and strategic positioning to win the round.

Final Round:

  • The tension is palpable as the match could swing either way.
  • Both athletes exhibit signs of fatigue, but their determination is unwavering.
  • Tsvetkov makes a powerful push, but Larratt’s experience and tactical awareness shine through.
  • In a climactic struggle, Larratt manages to outlast Tsvetkov, winning the final round and the match.


  • Both athletes show mutual respect, acknowledging each other’s skills and strength.
  • Larratt praises Tsvetkov’s power and potential, while Tsvetkov expresses admiration for Larratt’s strategic mastery and endurance.
  • The match is hailed as a classic showdown between two contrasting styles in the world of arm wrestling.

What to Expect

As the arm wrestling community buzzes with anticipation, several outcomes are possible. Larratt might aim to prolong the match, wearing Tsvetkov down, while Tsvetkov will likely seek a quick victory, leveraging his power. Fans can expect a display of high-level arm wrestling, with each athlete pushing the other to their limits.


The Devon Larratt vs. Georgi Tsvetkov match is more than just a contest of strength; it’s a showcase of the sport’s evolution, highlighting the blend of physical prowess and strategic thinking. As these two athletes prepare to face off, the arm wrestling world holds its breath, ready to witness a bout that could become a classic in the sport’s history. Whether you favor the seasoned strategy of Larratt or the raw power of Tsvetkov, one thing is certain: this match will be a memorable one.


What is Arm Wrestling?

A sport where two participants try to pin each other’s arm on a surface, showcasing strength and technique.

How is a Winner Determined?

The winner is determined when one competitor’s hand is pinned to the surface.

What are Key Arm Wrestling Techniques?

Important techniques include the “hook,” “top roll,” and “press.”

Who Can Participate in Arm Wrestling?

Anyone can participate, but professional levels require training and adherence to safety rules.

What are Common Arm Wrestling Injuries?

Common injuries include muscle strains and tendon injuries.

How to Improve Arm Wrestling Skills?

Improvement comes from strength training and practicing specific techniques.

Are There Professional Arm Wrestling Competitions?

Yes, there are local, national, and international arm wrestling competitions.

What is the Role of Weight Classes?

Weight classes ensure fair competition by grouping competitors of similar body weight.

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