East vs West 11 Results : Alex Kurdecha vs Artyom Morozov

The East vs West 11 event has ended, and it was full of exciting moments and great performances. In this article, we will look at the East vs West 11 results, talk about the best players, and highlight the important parts of the event.

East vs West 11 Results

In the East vs West 11 Results, notable victories included Aymeric Pradine defeating Robbie Topie 3-1 in the light heavyweight supermatch, Nurdalet Aidarkhan winning against Vala Ichqiti 3-1 in the welterweight category, and Oleg Petrenko securing a 3-0 win over Marcio Barboza in the light heavyweight division. In the world title matches, Oleg Zhokh triumphed 4-0 over Avtandil Tutberidze, Mindaugas Tarasaitis won 4-2 against Daniel Procopciuc, and Artem Taynov achieved a 4-0 victory against Zurab Tavbaridze. The event showcased intense matchups and exceptional skill, highlighting the competitive spirit of arm wrestling.

Here’s the table summarizing the results of East vs West 11 Results:

Match TypeCompetitorsWinnerScore
Light heavyweight SupermatchRobbie Topie vs Aymeric PradineAymeric Pradine1 – 3
Welterweight SupermatchVala Ichqiti vs Nurdalet AidarkhanNurdalet Aidarkhan1 – 3
Light Heavyweight supermatchMarcio Barboza vs Oleg PetrenkoOleg Petrenko0 – 3
Welterweight World TitleOleg Zhokh vs Avtandil TutberidzeOleg Zhokh4 – 0
Lightweight World TitleDaniel Procopciuc vs Mindaugas TarasaitisMindaugas Tarasaitis2 – 4
Middleweight World TitleArtem Taynov vs Zurab TavbaridzeArtem Taynov4 – 0
Middleweight supermatchIrakli Zirakashvili vs Paul LinnIrakli Zirakashvili3 – 0
Super HeavyweightMatt Mask vs Wagner BortolatoMatt Mask3 – 1
Welterweight World TitleDavit Samushia vs Vladimir MaiorovDavit Samushia4 – 1
Heavyweight World TitleIvan Matyushenko vs Rino MasicIvan Matyushenko3 – 1
Light Heavyweight supermatchJohn Brzenk vs Krasimir KostadinovKrasimir Kostadinov0 – 3
Light heavyweight world titleAlizhan Muratov vs Evgeny PrudnikAlizhan Muratov4 – 0
Light heavyweight world titleTodd Hutchings vs David DadikyanDavid Dadikyan1 – 4
Super heavyweight world titleAlex Kurdecha vs Artyom MorozovArtyom Morozov2 – 4
East vs West 11 Results Table

This table provides a quick overview of the matches, winners, and scores from the event.

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Light Heavyweight Supermatch: Left Arm

The competition kicked off with a light heavyweight supermatch between Robbie Topie and Aymeric Pradine. In a best-of-five left-arm battle, Pradine emerged victorious with a score of 3-1. Pradine’s technique and strength were on full display as he overcame Topie’s formidable challenge.

Welterweight Supermatch: Right Arm

In the welterweight category, Vala Ichqiti faced off against Nurdalet Aidarkhan. Aidarkhan secured a win with a 3-1 score in a right-arm contest. His victory was marked by strategic moves and consistent pressure, which ultimately led to his triumph over Ichqiti.

Light Heavyweight Supermatch: Right Arm

Marcio Barboza and Oleg Petrenko squared off in another light heavyweight clash. Petrenko dominated the match, winning 3-0. His overpowering strength and control were too much for Barboza, making it a clean sweep for Petrenko.

Welterweight World Title: Left Arm

The welterweight world title saw Oleg Zhokh up against Avtandil Tutberidze in a best-of-seven left-arm match. Zhokh showcased his supremacy by winning 4-0, leaving no room for Tutberidze to maneuver.

Lightweight World Title: Right Arm

In a closely contested lightweight world title match, Mindaugas Tarasaitis defeated Daniel Procopciuc with a 4-2 score. Tarasaitis’s resilience and tactical approach played a key role in his victory.

Middleweight World Title: Left Arm

Artem Taynov clinched the middleweight world title with a commanding 4-0 win over Zurab Tavbaridze. Taynov’s display of raw strength and technique was impressive, as he swept through the rounds.

Middleweight Supermatch: Right Arm

The middleweight supermatch featured Irakli Zirakashvili and Paul Linn, with Zirakashvili emerging as the winner with a 3-0 score. His victory was a testament to his skill and strategic arm wrestling ability.

Super Heavyweight: Right Arm

In the super heavyweight category, Matt Mask faced Wagner Bortolato. Mask triumphed with a 3-1 score, showcasing his power and stamina in a highly competitive match.

Welterweight World Title: Right Arm

Davit Samushia secured the welterweight world title against Vladimir Maiorov with a 4-1 victory. Samushia’s performance was marked by a blend of technique and power.

Heavyweight World Title: Left Arm

The heavyweight world title match saw Ivan Matyushenko win against Rino Masic with a 3-1 score. Matyushenko’s victory was a display of sheer force and determination.

Light Heavyweight Supermatch: Right Arm

In a light heavyweight supermatch, Krasimir Kostadinov defeated John Brzenk 3-0. Kostadinov’s strength and skill were evident as he outmatched the legendary Brzenk.

Light Heavyweight World Title: Left Arm

Alizhan Muratov triumphed over Evgeny Prudnik in the light heavyweight world title with a 4-0 score. Muratov’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, as he dominated the match with his left arm.

Light Heavyweight World Title: Right Arm

David Dadikyan emerged victorious against Todd Hutchings in the light heavyweight world title, right arm category, with a 4-1 score. Dadikyan’s win was marked by strategic brilliance and physical strength.

Super Heavyweight World Title: Left Arm

The main event, a super heavyweight world title match, featured Alex Kurdecha and Artyom Morozov. Morozov won with a 4-2 score, demonstrating his extraordinary capability in a highly anticipated matchup.

The East vs West 11 event was a true testament to the sport of arm wrestling, with each athlete showcasing their unique strengths and strategies. The event not only provided thrilling entertainment but also highlighted the sport’s growing popularity and the remarkable skill level of its competitors. Fans are already looking forward to the next installment of this exciting series.


The East vs West 11 arm wrestling event was a remarkable display of strength, technique, and sportsmanship. It brought together some of the world’s best arm wrestlers, each demonstrating their unique abilities and strategies. From intense supermatches to the exhilarating world title bouts, the event was a testament to the growing popularity and competitive nature of arm wrestling. Fans were treated to a series of memorable battles, with each match contributing to the sport’s rich and dynamic narrative. As we reflect on the impressive performances and results, the anticipation for future events in the arm wrestling world continues to grow.

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