East vs West 9 Results: Comprehensive Breakdown and Match Highlights

The armwrestling world witnessed another historic event with the East vs West 9 Results tournament, where strength, skill, and strategy collided in a series of gripping matches. This event not only showcased the talents of some of the best arm wrestlers globally but also highlighted the growing popularity and competitiveness of the sport. In this blog post, we delve into each match’s results and highlights, providing a comprehensive breakdown of this exhilarating event.

Match Results and Highlights

Here is a table summarizing the match results from the East vs West 9 arm wrestling event:

Match No.CompetitorsWinnerScore
1Dustin Hyatt vs Thomas ManghiThomas Manghi3-0
2Brad Grundy vs Kyle HutchisonBrad Grundy3-0
3Derek Smith vs Mehdi AbvolvandDerek Smith3-1
4Evgeny Prudnyk vs Davit DadikyanEvgeny Prudnyk3-2
5Adam Wawrzynski vs Artur MakarovAdam Wawrzynski3-1
6Ferit Osmanli vs Georgi DzeranovGeorgi Dzeranov3-0
7Davit Arabuli vs Ivan MatyushenkoIvan Matyushenko3-0
8Davit Samushia vs Vala IchqitiDavit Samushia3-1
9İrakli Zirakashvili vs Davit DadikyanDavit Dadikyan3-0
10Paul Linn vs Ruslan BabayevPaul Linn3-0
11Todd Hutchings vs Ibragim SagovTodd Hutchings3-2
12Revaz Lutidze vs Vitaly LaletinVitaly Laletin3-0
13Devon Larratt vs Ermes GaspariniDevon Larratt3-0

This table provides a clear overview of the competitors, winners, and scores for each match in the tournament.

The Showdown of Titans: East vs West 9

Setting the Stage

East vs West 9, held in a charged atmosphere with fans eagerly anticipating each match, saw top arm wrestlers from the Eastern and Western hemispheres face off in a series of 13 matches. Each match was a best-of-five showdown, testing the competitors’ strength, endurance, and technique.

Match-by-Match Analysis

1. Dustin Hyatt vs Thomas Manghi

The event kicked off with a striking victory for Thomas Manghi against Dustin Hyatt. Manghi’s dominance was clear from the start, as he swept the match with a 3-0 win, setting a high bar for the day.

Thomas Manghi against Dustin Hyatt

2. Brad Grundy vs Kyle Hutchison

Brad Grundy followed suit with a similar 3-0 victory over Kyle Hutchison. Grundy’s powerful pulls and strategic moves left Hutchison struggling to find his footing in the match.

3. Derek Smith vs Mehdi Abvolvand

In a more closely contested match, Derek Smith emerged victorious over Mehdi Abvolvand with a 3-1 score. Smith’s resilience and ability to adapt to Abvolvand’s techniques were key to his win.

Derek Smith vs Mehdi Abvolvand

4. Evgeny Prudnyk vs Davit Dadikyan

This intense battle ended with Evgeny Prudnyk narrowly defeating Davit Dadikyan 3-2. Prudnyk’s experience and skillful execution shone through, especially in the final and decisive round.

5. Adam Wawrzynski vs Artur Makarov

Adam Wawrzynski secured a 3-1 victory over Artur Makarov. Wawrzynski’s combination of strength and tactical acumen proved too much for Makarov.

6. Ferit Osmanli vs Georgi Dzeranov

Georgi Dzeranov showcased his dominance with a clean 3-0 sweep over Ferit Osmanli, demonstrating superior strength and control throughout the match.

7. Davit Arabuli vs Ivan Matyushenko

Ivan Matyushenko claimed a solid 3-0 victory against Davit Arabuli. Matyushenko’s flawless technique and relentless approach were the highlights of this match.

8. Davit Samushia vs Vala Ichqiti

Davit Samushia won against Vala Ichqiti with a 3-1 score. Samushia’s ability to counter Ichqiti’s moves effectively turned the match in his favor.

9. İrakli Zirakashvili vs Davit Dadikyan

Davit Dadikyan continued his impressive form, securing another 3-0 victory, this time against İrakli Zirakashvili. Dadikyan’s power and finesse were on full display.

10. Paul Linn vs Ruslan Babayev

Paul Linn’s armwrestling prowess was evident as he defeated Ruslan Babayev 3-0. Linn’s technique and mental strength played a crucial role in his win.

11. Todd Hutchings vs Ibragim Sagov

In a nail-biting match, Todd Hutchings edged out Ibragim Sagov with a 3-2 victory. Hutchings’ experience and strategic pulling were decisive factors in his victory.

12. Revaz Lutidze vs Vitaly Laletin

Vitaly Laletin emerged victorious in this match, as Revaz Lutidze had to retire due to injury, leading to a 3-0 score for Laletin.

13. Devon Larratt vs Ermes Gasparini

The main event saw a masterful performance by Devon Larratt, who secured a 3-0 win over Ermes Gasparini. Larratt’s unmatched strength and skill made this a memorable match.

The Aftermath

The West’s Dominance

The West team’s overwhelming victory, winning 6-1 in the supermatches, was a testament to their preparation, skill, and determination.

The Future of Armwrestling

East vs West 9 not only provided thrilling entertainment but also highlighted the growing global interest in armwrestling. The event showcased the sport’s potential for broader recognition and its appeal as a competitive and engaging sport.


East vs West 9 was more than just an armwrestling event; it was a celebration of strength, skill, and the spirit of competition. Each match was a story of power, strategy, and resilience, offering fans and newcomers alike a captivating spectacle. As the armwrestling community continues to grow, events like East vs West 9 pave the way for a brighter, more exciting future for the sport.

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