King of the Table 7: A Showcase of Strength and Strategy

The latest installment of the highly anticipated arm wrestling event, King of the Table 7, took place on June 24, 2023, in the vibrant city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This event, known for featuring some of the most formidable arm wrestlers from around the globe, did not disappoint, delivering intense matchups and unforgettable moments.

King of the Table 7

MatchCompetitor 1Competitor 2WinnerScore
Main Event – Right ArmDevon LarrattDave ChaffeeDevon Larratt6-0
Right Arm SupermatchEngin TerziRaimonds LiepinsEngin Terzi5-1
Left Arm World TitleArtyom MorozovCorey WestArtyom Morozov6-0
King of the Table 7

Held at The Space, Dubai, the event was available for arm wrestling enthusiasts worldwide via PPV on the CoreSports website. The headline clash featured two of the sport’s most respected figures, Devon Larratt and Dave Chaffee, in a best-of-seven right-arm showdown. Both athletes brought years of experience and a wealth of skill to the table, making this a highly anticipated match.

King of the Table 7 Results

  • Engin Terzi vs. Raimonds Liepins: This match saw Engin Terzi, hailing from Turkey, showcasing his dominance by winning 5-1 against Raimonds Liepins of Latvia. This victory was a testament to Terzi’s skill and determination in the sport.
  • Artyom Morozov vs. Corey West: Representing Kazakhstan, Artyom Morozov faced off against the United States’ Corey West in a left-arm battle. Morozov triumphed with a clean sweep, winning 6-0, displaying his superior technique and power.
  • Devon Larratt vs Dave Chaffee: The main event of the evening lived up to its billing, with Canada’s Devon Larratt taking on Dave Chaffee from the United States. Larratt emerged victorious, securing a 6-0 win in a right-arm duel that showcased his unmatched skill and mental fortitude.

Reflections on the Event

King of the Table 7 not only delivered thrilling arm wrestling action but also highlighted the deep respect and camaraderie among athletes in the sport. Each match, from the undercards to the main event, was a showcase of the dedication, strength, and strategy that arm wrestling demands.

As the sport continues to grow in popularity, events like King of the Table serve as a platform for athletes to demonstrate their prowess and for fans to engage with the thrilling world of professional arm wrestling. The anticipation for future events is already building, with fans eager to see what new challenges and matchups await.


King of the Table 7 delivered an exhilarating showcase of arm wrestling prowess, drawing competitors and fans from around the globe to witness battles of strength, technique, and sheer willpower. Held in the vibrant city of Dubai, the event solidified its position as a premier gathering for arm wrestling enthusiasts, offering a mix of highly anticipated matchups and surprising outcomes. The athletes’ dedication and sportsmanship shone brightly, contributing to the event’s success and the sport’s growing popularity.


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