Aleksandr Beziazykov : Schoolboy arm wrestler

Aleksandr Beziazykov, more popularly known in the arm wrestling community as ‘Schoolboy’, has quickly become a notable figure in the sport, known for his remarkable skill and youthful energy. His rise to prominence in arm wrestling is a story of natural talent, dedication, and the power of modern media in sports.

Aleksandr Beziazykov

Aleksandr Beziazykov,

In the dynamic world of arm wrestling, a young prodigy has emerged, captivating audiences and rewriting the norms of the sport. Aleksandr Beziazykov, famously known as ‘Schoolboy’, has quickly risen to prominence, showcasing a blend of raw talent, strategic acumen, and a youthful zest that is both rare and exhilarating. From his early days of casual matches to dominating in competitive arenas, Schoolboy’s journey is not just about arm wrestling; it’s a story of passion, dedication, and the swift ascent of a new icon in a sport known for its intensity and power. In this introduction, we delve into the life of Schoolboy, exploring how this young talent is reshaping the landscape of arm wrestling and inspiring a generation of enthusiasts.

Schoolboy Age & Height

Schoolboy is 26 years old. His stature is notable, standing at 6’ 4” (195 cm) and weighing 116 kg (256 lbs), which gives him a significant advantage in terms of reach and leverage during arm wrestling matches.

weight116 kg | 256 lbs
height6’ 4” | 195 cm
biceps17.7” | 45 cm
forearm15.4” | 39 cm
wrist8.3” | 21 cm

In terms of his physical measurements, Schoolboy has a biceps circumference of 17.7 inches (45 cm), a forearm circumference of 15.4 inches (39 cm), and a wrist circumference of 8.3 inches (21 cm). These measurements are particularly important in arm wrestling, as they indicate strength and stability in the arm, both of which are crucial for success in the sport.

  • 27 Years Old
  • 6’ 4” | 195 cm Height
  • 116 kg | 256 lbs Weight
  • Nickname Schoolboy
  • Wrist : 8.3” | 21 cm
  • Forearm 15.4” | 39 cm
  • Biceps 15.4” | 39 cm

Aleksandr Beziazykov Career

Originally from Russia, Aleksandr Beziazykov, better known as ‘Schoolboy’, started arm wrestling at 13 to compete with his brother, Alex Toproll. Alex, who also arm wrestles, runs a YouTube channel called ARMWRESTLING TV, showcasing their arm wrestling experiences. Schoolboy took a break from the sport as a teen to focus on playing the video game DOTA 2 but returned to arm wrestling at 16, aiming to compete seriously.


Today, Schoolboy is a rising star in the sport, ranked second in his division in the professional arm wrestling ratings. He gained fame in the late 2010s alongside Canadian champion Devon Larratt, contributing to the sport’s growing popularity. In 2019, he won the junior class at the China Open Championship in Shenzhen for competitors over 78 kg and under 22 years old. He also drew significant online attention in 2020 after winning a match against YouTuber and powerlifter Larry Wheels.

Schoolboy’s journey in arm wrestling has taken him to the USA for competitions and has seen him participating in street arm wrestling, where he challenges people with a $100 prize for beating him. His blend of competitive success and online presence has made him a notable figure in the arm wrestling world.

Aleksandr Beziazykov Records

Aleksandr Beziazykov, popularly known as ‘Schoolboy’, in arm wrestling are not comprehensively documented in major public sources. However, here are some key highlights of his achievements and notable moments in his arm wrestling career:

  1. Rapid Rise in the Sport: Schoolboy quickly made a name for himself in the arm wrestling community with his impressive performances, despite his young age.
  2. Online Fame and Viral Matches: He gained significant recognition through viral videos of his arm wrestling matches on social media and YouTube, particularly those showing him defeating more experienced or physically larger opponents.
  3. Notable Competitions: Schoolboy has participated in various local, national, and international arm wrestling competitions, showcasing his talent and skill.
  4. Victory at the China Open Championship: In 2019, Schoolboy won the junior class (aged 22 and under) in the over 78 kg category at the China Open Championship in Shenzhen, marking a significant achievement in his career.
  5. Match Against Larry Wheels: In October 2020, Schoolboy gained considerable attention for his match against powerlifter and fellow YouTube personality Larry Wheels, which he won. This event further elevated his profile in the arm wrestling community.
  6. Unified Ratings of Professional Armwrestling: At one point, Schoolboy was ranked #2 in the right hand, heavyweight division of the Unified Ratings of Professional Armwrestling, reflecting his skill level and competitive success.
  7. Street Arm Wrestling Challenges: Schoolboy has also been known for engaging in street arm wrestling challenges, where he has put his skills to the test in more informal settings.

It’s important to note that arm wrestling records can be dynamic and may not always be comprehensively tracked like in some other sports. Schoolboy’s career, marked by his rapid development and increasing visibility both in-person and online, continues to evolve, and he remains a prominent young talent in the arm wrestling world.

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