AMC Armwrestling 6 Results: A Showcase of Strength

Explore the highlights of AMC Armwrestling 6 Results, where athletes like Oleg Cherkasov and Vitaly Laletin triumphed in their weight categories. This article provides an insightful overview of the event, showcasing the intense competition and skillful performances that defined this arm wrestling tournament. A must-read for sports enthusiasts, it captures the essence of strength and strategy that marked the AMC Armwrestling 6.

65kg AMC Armwrestling 6 Results

In the 65 kg category, the competition was intense, but Oleg Cherkasov emerged victorious, clinching the 1st place with remarkable skill. Roman Tserekaev followed closely, securing the 2nd place with a commendable performance. The 3rd place was taken by Togrul Shahlarli, who showcased great resilience, while Maxim Zinoviev landed in 4th place, rounding off the category with a strong finish.

  • 1st place Oleg Cherkasov.
  • 2nd place Roman Tserekaev.
  • 3rd place Togrul Shahlarli.
  • 4th place Maxim Zinoviev.
65kg AMC Results
1stOleg Cherkasov
2ndRoman Tserekaev
3rdTogrul Shahlarli
4thMaxim Zinoviev

75kg AMC Armwrestling 6 Results

The 75 kg weight category saw Alan Zoloev rise to the top, demonstrating exceptional prowess to take the 1st place. Arthur Makarov, not far behind, earned the 2nd place with his impressive techniques. Zaur Saitov claimed the 3rd place, showing great competitive spirit, and Alimagomed Omarov finished in 4th place, marking his presence with a solid performance.

  • 1st place Alan Zoloev.
  • 2nd place Arthur Makarov.
  • 3rd place Zaur Saitov.
  • 4th place Alimagomed Omarov.
75kg AMC Results
1stAlan Zoloev
2ndArthur Makarov
3rdZaur Saitov
4thAlimagomed Omarov

85kg AMC Armwrestling 6 Results

Sarmat Digurov dominated the 85 kg category, securing the 1st place with his unmatched strength and strategy. Baysangur Soltykhanov took the 2nd place, exhibiting remarkable skill and determination. Alexey Batalov, with a commendable effort, grabbed the 3rd place, while Zurab Gadzhiev completed the category in 4th place, showing great potential.

  • 1st place Sarmat Digurov.
  • 2nd place Baysangur Soltykhanov.
  • 3rd place Alexey Batalov.
  • 4th place Zurab Gadzhiev.
Winners in the 85 kg Weight Category
1stSarmat Digurov
2ndBaysangur Soltykhanov
3rdAlexey Batalov
4thZurab Gadzhiev

95kg AMC Armwrestling 6 Results

In the 95 kg weight category, Artyom Tainov stood out, earning the 1st place with his extraordinary ability. Eldar Bubenko, following closely, clinched the 2nd place. Mikhail Nifontov took the 3rd place with a strong showing, and Evgeniy Shashkov secured the 4th place, demonstrating great skill and endurance.

  • 1st place Artyom Tainov.
  • 2nd place Eldar Bubenko.
  • 3rd place Mikhail Nifontov.
  • 4th place Evgeniy Shashkov.
winners in the 95 kg Weight Category
1stArtyom Tainov
2ndEldar Bubenko
3rdMikhail Nifontov
4thEvgeniy Shashkov

Heavyweights AMC Armwrestling 6 Results

The 105 kg category was a spectacle of power, with Ibrahim Sagov taking the 1st place through sheer strength and technique. Georgy Tautiev earned the 2nd place with a powerful performance. Adam Barkinkhoev, not far behind, secured the 3rd place, while Sergey Bogoslovov finished in 4th place, showcasing his formidable abilities.

  • 1st place Ibrahim Sagov.
  • 2nd place Georgy Tautiev.
  • 3rd place Adam Barkinkhoev.
  • 4th place Sergey Bogoslovov.
Winners in the 105 kg Weight Category
1stIbrahim Sagov
2ndGeorgy Tautiev
3rdAdam Barkinkhoev
4thSergey Bogoslovov

105+ kg AMC Armwrestling 6 Results

In the 105+ kg category, the giants clashed, and Vitaly Laletin emerged as the champion, claiming the 1st place with his overwhelming power. Ferit Osmanli took the 2nd place, displaying great strength and skill. Zaur Paizulaev earned the 3rd place, and Dmitry Pavin rounded off the category in 4th place, both showing commendable performances.

  • 1st place Vitaly Laletin.
  • 2nd place Ferit Osmanli.
  • 3rd place Zaur Paizulaev.
  • 4th place Dmitry Pavin.
Winners in the 105+ kg Weight Category
1stVitaly Laletin
2ndFerit Osmanli
3rdZaur Paizulaev
4thDmitry Pavin

Absolute Weight AMC Armwrestling 6 Results

The Absolute weight category, always a highlight, saw Vitaly Laletin, the champion of the 105+ kg category, also claim the 1st place, proving his dominance across weight classes. Dmitry Silaev secured the 2nd place with a stellar performance. Arsen Khachatryan took the 3rd place, and Eldar Bubenko, also a top contender in the 95 kg category, finished in 4th place.

  • 1st place Vitaly Laletin.
  • 2nd place Dmitry Silaev.
  • 3rd place Arsen Khachatryan.
  • 4th place Eldar Bubenko.
Winners in the Absolute Weight Category
1stVitaly Laletin
2ndDmitry Silaev
3rdArsen Khachatryan
4thEldar Bubenko


AMC Armwrestling 6 was more than just a competition; it was a celebration of strength, skill, and the enduring spirit of the athletes. Each participant, regardless of their final standing, demonstrated incredible prowess and dedication to the sport. As we look forward to future events, the performances at AMC Armwrestling 6 will undoubtedly inspire and set new benchmarks in the world of arm wrestling.

Certainly! Below are the tables for each weight category, detailing the winners and their respective placements in the AMC Armwrestling 6 event:


Which athlete dominated the 105+ kg weight category?

Vitaly Laletin dominated the 105+ kg weight category, securing the first place.

Who won the 65 kg weight category at AMC Armwrestling 6?

Oleg Cherkasov emerged as the winner in the 65 kg weight category.

Were there any athletes who excelled in multiple categories?

Yes, Vitaly Laletin stood out by winning not only in the 105+ kg category but also in the Absolute weight category.

How often is the AMC Armwrestling event held?

The AMC Armwrestling event is an annual competition, attracting top arm wrestlers from around the world.

Can I find information on past AMC Armwrestling events?

Yes, you can find information on past events in related articles or by exploring

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