Vitaly Laletin: Rising Star of International Arm Wrestling


In the world of competitive arm wrestling, certain names resonate with a sense of awe and respect. Vitaly Laletin, hailing from Russia, is one such name. Born in 1989, his towering presence and unparalleled strength have made him a legend in the sport. Standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 302 pounds, Laletin isn’t just a formidable competitor; he’s an embodiment of the sport’s sheer power and intensity.

Vitaly Laletin Height, Age, Weight

Vitaly Laletin Height, Age, Weight
Weight135 kg (298 lbs)
Height6’ 8” (205 cm)
Biceps15.7” (40 cm)
Forearm14.6” (37 cm)

The Rise of a Champion

Laletin’s journey in arm wrestling is a tale of relentless dedication and constant evolution. His early years were marked by a rapid ascent through the ranks, showcasing his natural affinity for the sport. It wasn’t long before he started dominating regional and national competitions, setting his sights on the global stage.

A Legacy of Titles

Vitaly Laletin’s name is synonymous with victory. He is a seven-time World Arm Wrestling Champion and a six-time European Arm Wrestling Champion. These accolades are a testament to his skill, endurance, and strategic prowess. Laletin’s approach to arm wrestling combines brute strength with a nuanced understanding of leverage and technique, making him a formidable opponent.

Memorable Matches and Rivalries

Laletin’s career is marked by several epic battles, each contributing to his legend. A notable highlight was his match against Revaz Lutidze in a super heavyweight category. Despite being evenly matched, Laletin emerged victorious, showcasing his ability to triumph in high-pressure situations. These encounters aren’t just about winning or losing; they’re a display of sportsmanship, strategy, and the raw thrill of competition.

Impact of Vitaly Laletin

Additionally, here are some of his recent armwrestling events and results:

  1. EAST VS WEST 9 (Best of 5 · Right Arm, Aug 26, 2023) – Vitaly Laletin vs. Revaz Lutidze (Revaz broke his finger)
  2. EAST VS WEST 7 (Best of 5 · Left Arm, May 6, 2023) – Vitaly Laletin vs. Tobias Sporrong
  3. King of the table V (Best of 6 · Right Arm · Main Event, Oct 1, 2022) – Dave Chaffee vs. Vitaly Laletin
  4. AMC Armwrestling Tournament Aug 2022 (Best of 1 · Right Arm · Main Event, Aug 27, 2022) – Vitaly Laletin vs. Dmitry Silaev
  5. Siberian Power Show 2022 (Right Arm · Main Event, Apr 3, 2022) – Vitaly Laletin vs. Grigory Lyashchuk
  6. King of the Table 9 2023 event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Ermes Gasparini vs. Vitaly Laletin) Ermes Gasparini win [ 4-2 ]

Vitaly Laletin Champion

 Vitaly Laletin Champion

Beyond his impressive list of titles, Laletin is recognized as an Honored Master of Sports in arm wrestling in Russia. This accolade reflects his contributions to the sport, both in terms of his competitive achievements and his role in promoting arm wrestling.

The Impact of Vitaly Laletin

Vitaly Laletin’s influence extends beyond the arm wrestling table. He has inspired a new generation of athletes, demonstrating what’s possible with dedication and hard work. His journey has helped elevate arm wrestling’s profile, drawing attention to a sport that demands both physical and mental prowess.


Vitaly Laletin is more than just an arm wrestler; he’s a symbol of the sport’s spirit. His legacy is defined not just by the titles he’s won but by the way he’s won them – with integrity, strength, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. As he continues to compete, he not only cements his status as a legend in arm wrestling but also inspires countless others to pursue greatness within themselves.


Is Vitaly Laletin Russian?

Yes, Vitaly Laletin is Russian. He is known for his accomplishments in arm wrestling and has gained recognition in the sport on an international level. If you have more questions about him or a related topic, feel free to ask!

How tall is vitalik laletin?

Vitaly Laletin’s height 6′ 8Feet” | 205 cm

Vitaly Laletin age ?

Born in 1989, Age 34 Years

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