East vs West 13 Results And Matches Highlights

Have you ever wondered what happens when the best arm wrestlers from around the world face off in an epic showdown? The East vs West 13 Results event provided just that, featuring some of the most intense and exhilarating matches in arm wrestling history. From nail-biting supermatches to world title bouts, this event showcased unparalleled strength, strategy, and skill. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the results, highlighting the key moments and standout performances that made East vs West 13 an unforgettable spectacle. Get ready to relive the excitement and witness the pinnacle of arm wrestling competition!

East vs West 13 Results

East vs West 13 Results EvW13
East vs West 13 Results EvW13

East vs West 13 was nothing short of spectacular, delivering a series of thrilling matches that kept fans on the edge of their seats. The event kicked off with the 85kg supermatch where Toms Rozits swept Artem Taranenko with a commanding 3-0 victory, setting the tone for the rest of the competition. In the 60kg right arm supermatch, Carolina Pettersson showcased her dominance by defeating Olga Terpelova in a clean 3-0 sweep. The excitement continued with Petro Marharint’s impressive performance against Zurab Tavbaridze, winning 3-0 in their right arm supermatch.

East vs West 13 Results

One of the most anticipated bouts was the main event super heavyweight supermatch between Artyom Morozov and Vitaly Laletin. Laletin’s formidable strength and technique were on full display as he secured a decisive 3-0 victory over Morozov. Other notable matches included Todd Hutchings’ flawless 3-0 win against Krasimir Kostadinov in the 105kg right arm supermatch, and Dimitrina Petrova’s hard-fought 4-2 victory against Ayane Takenaka for the 60kg world title.

East vs West 13 Results

The event also saw Daniel Procopciuc defending his lightweight world title with a 4-0 sweep over Bozhidar Simeonov, and Betkili Oniani capturing the middleweight world title with a 4-1 win against Artem Taynov. In the women’s +80kg world title match, Barbora Bajciova dominated Egle Vaitkute, winning 4-0. The welterweight world title match between Davit Samushia and Sasho Andreev ended in a 4-2 victory for Samushia, adding to the series of exhilarating matches.

East vs West 13 not only highlighted the incredible skill and dedication of these athletes but also solidified the event’s reputation as a premier showcase of global arm wrestling talent. Each match brought its own unique drama and excitement, making it a memorable event for all arm wrestling enthusiasts.

East vs West 14 Matches

East vs West 14, set to take place on August 10, 2024, in Orlando, Florida, promises to be an electrifying event with some of the most renowned arm wrestlers in the world. The main event features the legendary John Brzenk taking on Leonidas Arkona in a highly anticipated right arm battle. Other notable matches include Jerry Cadorette versus Alex Kurdecha, Michael Todd against David Dadikyan, and Todd Hutchings facing Evgeny Prudnik in a 105kg supermatch. Fans can expect intense competition and top-tier arm wrestling action.

Match TypeArmCompetitors
Best of 5Right ArmJerry Cadorette vs Alex Kurdecha
Best of 5Right ArmMichael Todd vs David Dadikyan
Best of 5Right ArmTravis Bagent vs Kamil Jablonski
Best of 5Right ArmPaul Linn vs Rustam Babayev
Best of 5Right ArmMatt Mask vs Lars Rorbakken
Best of 5Right ArmCraig Tullier vs Tom Holland
Best of 5Right ArmDoug Erlich vs Mindaugas Tarasaitis
Best of 5Right ArmJustin Bishop vs Janis Amolins
Best of 5Right ArmPaul Talbott vs Sedrakyan Vrezh
Best of 5Right ArmCorey West vs Tobias Sporrong
Best of 5Right ArmJonathon Breda vs Aymeric Pradine
105kg SupermatchRight ArmTodd Hutchings vs Evgeny Prudnik
Best of 5 (Main Event)Right ArmJohn Brzenk vs Leonidas Arkona
East vs West 14

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