East vs West 13 (EvW13)

East vs West 13 (EvW13) an exciting arm wrestling event scheduled for July 6, 2024, in Istanbul, Turkey, will feature a main event showdown between Jerry Cadorette vs Vitaly Laletin, battling it out in a best-of-5 right arm match.

East vs West 13

East vs West 13 EvW13
East vs West 13 EvW13

East vs West 13 is an exciting arm wrestling event set to take place on July 6, 2024, in Istanbul, Turkey. Highlighting the intense rivalry between Eastern and Western arm wrestlers, the main event features a thrilling match between Devon Larratt from Canada and David Dadikyan from Armenia, battling it out in a best of 7 right-arm match. Additionally, the event includes several other compelling matchups, such as Jerry Cadorette versus Vitaly Laletin, Todd Hutchings against Krasimir Kostadinov, and others, all competing in the right arm category with a best of 5 format. This event not only showcases elite arm wrestling talents but also highlights the fierce competitiveness and sportsmanship of the athletes.

East vs West 13 Matches

Here’s a table of the matches scheduled for East vs West 13, including details about the competitors, the hand used, and the format of each match:

Match NumberCompetitorsFormatNotes
1Todd Hutchings vs Krasimir KostadinovBest of 5Right Arm
2Barbora Bajciova vs Egle VaitkuteBest of 5Right Arm
3Adam Wawrzynski vs Vladimir MaiorovBest of 5Right Arm
4Artem Taranenko vs Toms RozitsBest of 5Right Arm
5Ayane Takenaka vs Dimitrina PetrovaBest of 5Right Arm
Main EventJerry Cadorette vs Vitaly LaletinBest of 5Right Arm
CancelledDevon Larratt vs David DadikyanBest of 7Right Arm
East vs West 13 Matches, EvW13

East vs West (EvW13) Results

Once the results of the East vs West 13 event are finalized on July 6, 2024, this section will be updated with detailed outcomes of each match, including the winners and key moments from the competition. Held in Istanbul, Turkey, the event promises intense matchups among some of the world’s top arm wrestlers. Key battles to look out for include the main event featuring Jerry Cadorette against Vitaly Laletin, and several other important clashes like Todd Hutchings versus Krasimir Kostadinov. Stay tuned for complete coverage on how these thrilling contests unfold.

Match NumberCompetitorsWinnerResult
1Todd Hutchings vs Krasimir KostadinovTBDTBD
2Barbora Bajciova vs Egle VaitkuteTBDTBD
3Adam Wawrzynski vs Vladimir MaiorovTBDTBD
4Artem Taranenko vs Toms RozitsTBDTBD
5Ayane Takenaka vs Dimitrina PetrovaTBDTBD
Main EventJerry Cadorette vs Vitaly LaletinTBDTBD
CancelledDevon Larratt vs David DadikyanN/ACancelled
East vs West 13 Results, EvW13 Results

East vs West 13 Tickets

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East vs West 13 PPV

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East vs West 13 promises to be a landmark event in the arm wrestling community, showcasing a spectacular lineup of athletes from around the globe. Set against the historic backdrop of Istanbul, this event will not only determine the superiority of techniques and strength but also reinforce the camaraderie and sportsmanship inherent in the sport. Fans can look forward to witnessing some of the most anticipated matches of the year, with each contestant vying to prove their prowess in the gripping world of arm wrestling.


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