AWC All Or Nothing Results : Arm Wrestling Championship 2024

The AWC All Or Nothing ResultsvArm Wrestling Championship, held on January 13, 2024, at The Rec Room in Square One, Mississauga, was a remarkable event that captivated the arm wrestling community. This thrilling competition showcased the prowess and determination of some of the world’s top arm wrestlers. Here’s a rundown of the event’s highlights and a detailed results table for arm wrestling aficionados.

AWC All Or Nothing Results

  1. Mady Gagnier vs Sabrina Folz
    • Winner: Sabrina Folz
    • Format: Best of 5
    • Points: 1-3
  2. Alexander Koshadze vs Kelly Leitch
    • Winner: Kelly Leitch
    • Format: Best of 5
    • Points: 2-3
  3. Oleksandr Kulishov vs Jonathon Breda
    • Winner: Jonathon Breda
    • Format: Best of 5
    • Points: 1-3
  4. Rick Heidebrecht vs Brad Grundy
    • Winner: Brad Grundy
    • Format: Best of 5
    • Points: 0-3
  5. Vivian Armstrong vs Petra Damm
    • Winner: Petra Damm
    • Format: Best of 5
    • Points: 0-3
  6. Artem Taranenko vs John Therrien
    • Winner: John Therrien
    • Format: Best of 5
    • Points: 2-3
  7. Allen Ford vs Kacper Sinica
    • Winner: Allen Ford
    • Format: Best of 5
    • Points: 3-2
  8. Jeff Dabe vs Jason Costantini
    • Winner: Jason Costantini
    • Format: Best of 5
    • Points: 1-3
  9. [Main Event] Dave Chaffee vs Sergei Kalinichenko
    • Winner: Sergei Kalinichenko
    • Format: Best of 5
    • Points: 1-3
  10. Heidi Cordner vs Anna Gronlund
    • Winner: Anna Gronlund
    • Format: Best of 5
    • Points: 2-3
Match CompetitorsWinnerFormatPoints
1Mady Gagnier VS Sabrina FolzSabrina FolzBest of 51-3
2Alexander Koshadze VS Kelly LeitchKelly LeitchBest of 52-3
3Oleksandr Kulishov VS jonathon bredajonathon bredaBest of 51-3
4Rick Heidebrecht VS Brad GrundyBrad GrundyBest of 50-3
5Vivian Armstrong Vs Petra DammPetra DammBest of 50-3
6MArtem Taranenko VS John TherrienJohn TherrienBest of 52-3
7Allen Ford VS kacper sinicaAllen FordBest of 53-2
8 Jeff Dabe VS Jason CostantiniJason CostantiniBest of 51-3
9 Main EventDave Chaffee VS Sergei KalinichenkoSergei KalinichenkoBest of 51-3
10Heidi Cordner VS Anna gronlund Anna gronlundBest of 52-3

Event Overview

AWC All Or Nothing Results
AWC All Or Nothing Results

The event, broadcasted on pay-per-view via, allowed arm wrestling enthusiasts worldwide to join in the excitement. Featuring 10 intense matches, the event was a blend of raw power, tactical skill, and fierce competition.

AWC All Or Nothing Results Highlights

  1. Main Attractions: The championship was headlined by several high-stakes matches. Key highlights included:
  • Jeff Dabe vs. Jason Costantini
  • Heidi Cordner vs. Anna Gronlund
  • Allen Ford vs. Kacper Sinica
  1. Co-Main Event: The co-main event featured a gripping match between Jonathon Breda and Oleksandr Kulishov.
  2. Preliminary Battles: The event also hosted preliminary matches, which set the stage for the main events. These included bouts like Alexander Koshadze vs. Kelly Leitch and Mady Gagnier vs. Sabrina Folz.

Ticketing and Venue

  • Tickets were offered at $30 in advance and $40 at the door.
  • The venue provided a range of facilities including food and beverage stands, merchandise stalls, and well-equipped restrooms.


The AWC 3 All Or Nothing event was more than a competition; it was a testament to the incredible skill and spirit of the athletes. As a milestone in the arm wrestling world, it left fans eagerly anticipating future events, further solidifying arm wrestling’s place in the world of competitive sports.

For more detailed information on match results and to relive the excitement of the AWC All Or Nothing, you can visit the official AWC YouTube channel, the PPV replay on TrillerTV, or for an in-depth look at this spectacular event【6†source】【7†source】【8†source】.

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