Travis Bagent Arm wrestler, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth

Travis Bagent, born on March 10, 1976, is a well-known arm wrestler globally. He started arm wrestling in 1997 and is famous for his left-handed technique. When he began his career, Travis initially lost to all his competitors.

Travis Bagent

Travis Bagent, also known as “The Beast,” is recognized globally as a top arm wrestler. He is one of the greatest Left Handed Arm Wrestler in the world. Starting his arm wrestling career at the age of 15 in 1997. Travis is a left handed arm wrestling champion. Travis has impressively won 17 world Arm Wrestling championships. Known for his commanding victories and strength, he has traveled worldwide, winning competitions and entertaining audiences.

Travis Bagent

Travis Bagent Age, Height

Travis “The Beast” Bagent, age 47 Years Old, from the United States, Height 6’3″ (191 cm) and weighs 120 kg (265 lbs). As a renowned arm wrestler and Crossfit Fitness Owner, he brings unparalleled experience and strength to the sport.

Here is a table summarizing key information about Travis “The Beast” Bagent:

NicknameThe Beast
CountryUnited States of America
Weight120 kg
Height6’ 3”
OccupationCrossfit Fitness Owner
RivalriesDevon Larratt, Dave Chaffee, John Brzenk

Nickname The Beast
Country United States Of America
Age 47
Weight 120 kg | 265 lbs
Height 6’ 3” | 191 cm
Occupation Crossfit Fitness Owner

Travis Bagent Education

Travis Bagent, renowned in the arm wrestling community, has not publicly shared extensive details about his educational background. While much of his fame and reputation are built on his impressive accomplishments in the sport of arm wrestling and his role as a Crossfit Fitness Owner, specific information regarding his formal education remains relatively unknown. Bagent, widely recognized as “The Beast,” is more commonly known for his physical prowess and competitive spirit in arm wrestling rather than his academic pursuits.

Travis Bagent Arm Wrestling

Travis Bagent, an iconic figure in the world of arm wrestling, has left an indelible mark in the sport with a remarkable career spanning over twenty years. His extraordinary accomplishments include securing more than 30 major titles, with 28 of them being world championships. Such an impressive record not only cements his place among the American arm wrestling greats but also reflects his enduring commitment and skill. Bagent’s arm wrestling journey began at just 15 years old, guided by his father, Rusty Bagent, who played a pivotal role in shaping his early career. This early exposure to the sport laid a strong foundation for his subsequent success.

Beyond his remarkable achievements in competitions, Bagent has been instrumental in promoting arm wrestling. He owns and operates a CrossFit gym, a place where his love for fitness meets his arm wrestling prowess. Through his gym, Bagent extends his impact beyond personal accolades; he inspires and coaches others, fostering new talent in the sport. His dedication to both arm wrestling and fitness has established him as a formidable competitor, a respected mentor, and a true ambassador of the sport. Bagent’s dual role as a champion arm wrestler and a fitness enthusiast makes him a unique and influential figure in both communities.

Travis Bagent Records

Travis Bagent, renowned in the arm wrestling community, boasts an impressive array of records that highlight his prowess and dominance in the sport. His career, marked by numerous accolades, is particularly notable for his achievements in world championships. Bagent has clinched an astounding 28 world championship titles, a testament to his skill, strength, and strategic acumen in arm wrestling.

In addition to his world championship victories, Bagent’s record extends to over 30 major arm wrestling titles. This collection of titles showcases his consistency and longevity in the sport. His ability to compete at the highest level for over two decades not only reflects his physical strength but also his mental fortitude and deep understanding of arm wrestling techniques. These achievements have earned him a respected place in the annals of arm wrestling history and have set a high bar for future competitors in the sport.

Travis Bagent Net Worth

Travis Bagent has built a significant portion of his wealth through arm wrestling and related activities. Known for his success in arm wrestling competitions globally, he has gathered a considerable amount of wealth, with various sources estimating his net worth to be around 1 million dollars as of 2024.

Though arm wrestling is a primary source of his income, Bagent has diversified his revenue streams. The specifics of his earnings might fluctuate annually, but generally, they include the following potential income sources:

  • Sponsorships
  • Arm Wrestling Competitions
  • YouTube and Social Media
  • Training and Coaching
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Public Appearances and Seminars
  • Media Appearances
  • Online Arm Wrestling Communities
  • Endorsement Deals
  • Product Development
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Investments

Travis Bagent Social Profiles

Following are the official and verified profiles of Travis Bagent, feel free to follow him on Social Media.


In summary, Travis Bagent is not just an arm wrestling legend, but a multifaceted sports icon. His storied career, highlighted by over 30 major titles including 28 world championships, has solidified his place in the annals of arm wrestling history. Beyond his competitive triumphs, Bagent’s role as a CrossFit gym owner and his presence on social media platforms demonstrate his commitment to fostering the sport and inspiring future generations. His diverse income sources further attest to his versatility and influence both within and beyond the realm of arm wrestling. Travis Bagent is more than an athlete; he is a symbol of enduring excellence and a beacon for aspiring sports enthusiasts.


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