Knuckles up 2 Results : A Showdown of Arm Wrestlers

Knuckles Up 2, the highly anticipated bare-knuckle event, lived up to its hype with a series of gripping matches that showcased the raw talent and resilience of its competitors. Fans were treated to a mix of decisive victories, tactical battles, and unexpected turnarounds. Here’s a rundown of the results from this thrilling event.

Knuckles up 2 Results

  1. Chance Shaw VS Lachlan Adair – Cancelled
  2. Adam Wawrzynski VS Andrei Sharkevich – Winner: Adam Wawrzynski (3-0)
  3. Tom Holland VS Jason Merlo – Winner: Jason Merlo (3-2)
  4. Kamil Jablonski VS Kody Merritt – Winner: Kamil Jablonski (3-0)
  5. Steve Walker VS Jeremy Tank Mocek – Winner: Steve Walker (3-0)
  6. MIRLINE BERROUET VS Elizabeth Rae Mocek – Winner: Elizabeth Rae Mocek (3-1)
  7. Ryan Bowen VS Baek Seong Yeol – Winner: Ryan Bowen (3-0)
  8. Brandon Allen VS Rob Vigeant Jr. (Main Event) – Winner: Rob Vigeant Jr. (3-0)
Match NumberCompetitorsWinnerFormatPoints
1Chance Shaw VS Lachlan AdairCancelBest of 5—-
2Adam Wawrzynski VS Andrei SharkevichAdam WawrzynskiBest of 53-0
3Tom Holland VS Jason MerloJason MerloBest of 52-3
4Kamil Jablonski VS Kody MerrittKamil JablonskiBest of 53-0
5Steve Walker Vs Jeremy Tank MocekSteve WalkerBest of 53-0
6MIRLINE BERROUET VS Elizabeth Rae MocekElizabeth Rae MocekBest of 51-3
7Ryan Bowen VS Baek Seong YeolRyan BowenBest of 53-0
8 (Main Event)Brandon Allen VS Rob Vigeant Jr.Rob Vigeant JrBest of 50-3
Knuckles Up 2 Results

Knuckles Up 2 Results: Match Highlights

The Knuckles Up 2 event was filled with thrilling moments and remarkable performances. Here’s a look at the highlights from each match:

  1. Chance Shaw VS Lachlan Adair: This match was eagerly anticipated by fans but was unfortunately cancelled. The reasons for the cancellation were not disclosed, leaving the audience wondering about what could have been a spectacular showdown.
  2. Adam Wawrzynski VS Andrei Sharkevich: Adam Wawrzynski dominated the match against Andrei Sharkevich, winning with a clean 3-0 score. His precise technique and powerful strikes were the highlights, clearly showcasing why he was the favorite.
  3. Tom Holland VS Jason Merlo: In a closely contested battle, Jason Merlo edged out Tom Holland with a 3-2 victory. The match was a rollercoaster of skill and resilience, with both fighters exchanging leads until Merlo finally claimed the win.
  4. Kamil Jablonski VS Kody Merritt: Kamil Jablonski showed exceptional prowess in his match against Kody Merritt, securing a convincing 3-0 victory. Jablonski’s agility and strategic fighting style were on full display, earning him a well-deserved win.
  5. Steve Walker VS Jeremy Tank Mocek: Steve Walker triumphed over Jeremy Tank Mocek with a decisive 3-0 score. Walker’s strength and speed were the key factors in his victory, as he outmaneuvered Mocek in each round.
  6. MIRLINE BERROUET VS Elizabeth Rae Mocek: Elizabeth Rae Mocek won against MIRLINE BERROUET with a 3-1 score. The match was a testament to Mocek’s determination and skill, as she overcame BERROUET’s strong start to secure the win.
  7. Ryan Bowen VS Baek Seong Yeol: Ryan Bowen dominated the match against Baek Seong Yeol, achieving a swift 3-0 victory. Bowen’s match was marked by his aggressive strategy and effective counterattacks, leading him to a clear win.
  8. Brandon Allen VS Rob Vigeant Jr. (Main Event): The main event saw Rob Vigeant Jr. overpower Brandon Allen in a stunning 3-0 victory. Vigeant Jr.’s dominance was evident from the start, as he outmatched Allen in technique and strength, securing his victory with remarkable efficiency.

Knuckles Up 2 was a showcase of talent, strategy, and sheer willpower, making it a memorable event for fans and participants alike. Each match brought its own unique excitement, contributing to a night filled with action-packed moments.


Knuckles Up 2 Results, with its intense matchups and display of raw fighting spirit, leaves an indelible mark in the realm of bare-knuckle fighting. Each bout, from the unexpected twists to the dominant performances, underscored the sport’s primal appeal and the athletes’ unyielding determination. This event was more than just a series of fights; it was a celebration of resilience, skill, and the pure thrill of combat. As fans and fighters look ahead, Knuckles Up 2 stands as a testament to the captivating allure of this timeless sport, promising even more excitement in future showdowns.


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