East vs West 11 Predictions: Upcoming Arm Wrestling Battles

“East vs West 11 Predictions: A Comprehensive Analysis” offers an in-depth look into the highly anticipated arm wrestling event, highlighting the clash of power, strategy, and skill among global competitors. The article presents well-informed predictions for key matchups, emphasizing the distinctive styles and strengths of athletes from both hemispheres. Covering various weight classes, it analyzes crucial factors like experience and technique to predict outcomes, making it an essential read for both seasoned arm wrestling fans and newcomers, eager to grasp the excitement and intensity of this major sporting event.

East Vs West 11

East vs West 11” is a premier arm wrestling event, bringing together top-tier competitors from around the globe in Istanbul, Turkey. This eagerly anticipated event features a series of intense matchups across various weight classes, showcasing the sport’s best from the Eastern and Western hemispheres. It’s more than a competition; it’s a celebration of strength, strategy, and the diverse techniques of arm wrestling. With each gripping match, “East vs West 11” promises to be a spectacular display of athletic prowess and a thrilling experience for fans and newcomers alike.

Main Event: Todd Hutchings vs David Dadikyan

  • Todd Hutchings, a seasoned competitor from the United States, is known for his incredible strength and experience. Facing him is David Dadikyan from Armenia, a rising star in the arm wrestling world. This match-up is a classic experience vs youth scenario, and while Hutchings’ experience is formidable, Dadikyan’s raw power and determination make this a tough one to call.

East Vs West 11 Predictions

  1. Robbie Topie vs Aymeric Pradine (Light Heavyweight Supermatch, Left Arm):
  • Prediction: Topie’s experience might give him the edge in this best-of-5 bout.
  1. Vala Ichqiti vs Nurdalet Aidarkhan (Welterweight Supermatch, Right Arm):
  • Prediction: Aidarkhan’s youth and agility could surprise Ichqiti in a closely fought contest.
  1. Marcio Barboza vs Oleg Petrenko (Light Heavyweight, Right Arm):
  • Prediction: Barboza’s experience may prevail over Petrenko’s dynamic style.
  1. Oleg Zhokh vs Avtandil Tutberidze (Welterweight World Title, Left Arm):
  • Prediction: Zhokh’s incredible technique might outshine Tutberidze in a technical showdown.
  1. Daniel Procopciuc vs Mindaugas Tarasaitis (Lightweight World Title, Right Arm):
  • Prediction: A close match, with Tarasaitis possibly edging out due to his strategic prowess.
  1. Artem Taynov vs Zurab Tavbaridze (Middleweight World Title, Left Arm):
  • Prediction: Taynov’s power could be the deciding factor in this intense match.
  1. Irakli Zirakashvili vs Paul Linn (Middleweight, Right Arm):
  • Prediction: Linn’s experience and tactical approach may lead him to victory.
  1. Matt Mask vs Wagner Bortolato (Super Heavyweight, Right Arm):
  • Prediction: Bortolato’s brute strength might be too much for Mask’s technical skills.
  1. Davit Samushia vs Vladimir Maiorov (Welterweight World Title, Right Arm):
  • Prediction: Samushia’s agility could give him the upper hand over Maiorov.
  1. Ivan Matyushenko vs Rino Masic (Heavyweight World Title, Left Arm):
  • Prediction: Matyushenko’s blend of strength and experience might overpower Masic.
  1. John Brzenk vs Krasimir Kostadinov (Light Heavyweight, Right Arm):
  • Prediction: The legendary Brzenk is likely to prevail with his unmatched skill and experience.
  1. Alizhan Muratov vs Evgeny Prudnik (Light Heavyweight World Title, Left Arm):
  • Prediction: Prudnik’s strategic mindset and experience could lead him to victory.
  1. Alex Kurdecha vs Artyom Morozov (Super Heavyweight World Title, Left Arm):
  • Prediction: Kurdecha’s sheer power and height advantage may be decisive.


East vs West 11 promises to be a spectacular event, filled with intense matches that arm wrestling fans won’t want to miss. The predictions above are based on the athletes’ past performances and current form, but as always in sports, anything can happen. One thing is certain – it will be an unforgettable display of strength, skill, and determination.


What is East vs West 11?

East vs West 11 is an arm wrestling event that pits top competitors from the Eastern and Western hemispheres against each other. It features various weight categories and showcases both established champions and emerging talents.

When and where is East vs West 11 taking place?

The event is scheduled to take place in Istanbul, Turkey. For exact dates and venue details, please refer to the event’s official website or our full article.

Who are some of the key competitors in this event?

Notable competitors include Todd Hutchings, David Dadikyan, Robbie Topie, Aymeric Pradine, Marcio Barboza, and Oleg Petrenko, among others. Each match-up brings its unique flair and competition style.

Will there be a live broadcast of the event?

Information about live broadcasts or streaming services will be provided closer to the event date. Keep an eye on the official event website and our updates for more information.

Can I buy tickets to watch East vs West 11?

Ticket availability and purchasing options will be announced on the event’s official website. Check there for the most current information.

How can I stay updated with the latest news about East vs West 11?

Follow our website for regular updates, and keep an eye on the official East vs West 11 website and their social media channels for the latest news and information.

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