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The “East Vs West 11” Arm Wrestling event, scheduled for January 20, 2024, in Istanbul, Turkey, is a much-anticipated occasion in the arm wrestling world. This event, known for showcasing some of the most formidable athletes in the sport, has become a landmark in the arm wrestling calendar.

East Vs West 11 Timings

THE EVENT TIMINGS ACROSS THE GLOBE 8:00 PM TRT Local Turkish Time, 5:00 PM GMT Greenwich Mean Time, 9:00 AM PST Pacific Standard Time, 9:00 PM GST Gulf Standard Time, 6:00 PM CET Central European Time, 12:00 PM EST Eastern Standard Time.

East Vs West 11 Timings

East Vs West 11 Live

East vs West 11 Live, the much-anticipated arm wrestling event, is scheduled to go live on January 20, 2024. Fans around the globe can catch all the action through Pay-Per-View via Coresports.World. This event promises to showcase an intense competition featuring some of the best arm wrestlers from the Eastern and Western hemispheres. Each match is set to highlight the unique techniques, strength, and strategic prowess of the competitors across various weight categories.

“In preparation for the main event, a Press Conference will be held on January 19, 2024, offering insights and building up the excitement. The press conference will be accessible live on the YouTube channels of Engin Terzi and East vs West, providing fans an exclusive glimpse into the athletes’ preparations and expectations for the upcoming matches. This pre-event coverage is an excellent opportunity for enthusiasts to get up close and personal with the competitors and the thrilling world of arm wrestling.”

History of East Vs West

Originating as a platform to bring together the best of Eastern and Western arm wrestlers, these events have consistently highlighted the sport’s evolution. Previous editions have seen legendary matchups, setting the stage for high expectations for the 11th edition.

Main Points of East Vs West 11

This year’s event, set in the vibrant city of Istanbul, promises to be a grand affair. The highlight is undoubtedly the Super Heavyweight right arm super match, featuring top athletes in a show of unparalleled strength and skill.

East Vs West 11

The main points of the “EAST VS WEST 11” Arm Wrestling event are:

  1. Date and Location: The event is scheduled for January 20, 2024, in Istanbul, Turkey.
  2. Highlight of the Event: The main attraction is the Super Heavyweight right arm supermatch, featuring top-tier arm wrestlers.
  3. Significance: This event is a key fixture in the arm wrestling calendar, showcasing some of the sport’s most formidable athletes and attracting international attention.
  4. Competitor Profiles: The event features renowned arm wrestlers with impressive track records, making it a highly anticipated sporting event.

East Vs West 11 Matches

East vs West 11 Predictions

Key matches include Devon Larratt vs Denis Cyplenkov and Matt Mask vs Wagner Bortolato, among others. Each match brings its unique narrative, with athletes from different weight classes, from 85 kg to the Super Heavyweight category, competing in right and left arm matches.

Match TypeMatchCategoryArm
Main EventTodd Hutchings vs David DadikyanLight HeavyweightRight
SupermatchRobbie Topie vs Aymeric PradineLight HeavyweightLeft
SupermatchVala Ichqiti vs Nurdalet AidarkhanWelterweightRight
SupermatchMarcio Barboza vs Oleg PetrenkoLight HeavyweightRight
World TitleOleg Zhokh vs Avtandil TutberidzeWelterweightLeft
World TitleDaniel Procopciuc vs Mindaugas TarasaitisLightweightRight
World TitleArtem Taynov vs Zurab TavbaridzeMiddleweightLeft
SupermatchIrakli Zirakashvili vs Paul LinnMiddleweightRight
SupermatchMatt Mask vs Wagner BortolatoSuper HeavyweightRight
World TitleDavit Samushia vs Vladimir MaiorovWelterweightRight
World TitleIvan Matyushenko vs Rino MasicHeavyweightLeft
SupermatchJohn Brzenk vs Krasimir KostadinovLight HeavyweightRight
World TitleAlizhan Muratov vs Evgeny PrudnikLight HeavyweightLeft
World TitleAlex Kurdecha vs Artyom MorozovSuper HeavyweightLeft
World TitleTodd Hutchings vs David DadikyanLight HeavyweightRight

East Vs West 11 Weight Classes

The event features various weight classes, including 85 kg, 105 kg, 115 kg, and Super Heavyweight. Matches are conducted in a Best of 5 format, testing the athletes’ endurance and technique.

Here’s a table outlining the weight classes for the “EAST VS WEST 11” Arm Wrestling event:

Weight ClassArm UsedFormat
85 KgLeft ArmBest of 5
105 KgLeft ArmBest of 5
115 KgRight ArmBest of 5
Super HeavyweightRight ArmBest of 5

This table provides a clear overview of the different weight classes, the arm used for each class, and the format of the matches.

East Vs West 11 Rules

Based on the information available, the rules for the “EAST VS WEST 11” Arm Wrestling event can be summarized as follows:

  1. Weight Classes and Match Format: The event features matches across different weight categories, including 105 Kg, 85 Kg, 115 Kg, and Super Heavyweight. Each match is conducted in a ‘Best of 5’ format.
  2. Arm Used: Depending on the weight class, the matches are either left or right arm. For instance, in the 105 Kg and 85 Kg classes, the matches are left arm, while in the 115 Kg and Super Heavyweight classes, they are right arm.
  3. Match Pairings:
  • 105 Kg Left Arm: Alizhan Muratov vs Evgeny Prudnik.
  • 85 Kg Left Arm: Oleg Zhokh vs Avtandil Tutberidze.
  • 115 Kg Right Arm: Davit Arabuli vs Lachlan Adair.
  • Super Heavyweight Right Arm (Main Event): Matt Mask vs Wagner Bortolato.

While the detailed regulations governing each match, such as grip rules, fouls, and start procedures, are not specified, arm wrestling matches typically adhere to standard rules about fair play, starting position, and how victories are determined. These details are likely to be provided by the event organizers or the official rule book for the “EAST VS WEST” series.

East Vs West Featured Athletes

Athletes like Devon Larratt, Denis Cyplenkov, and Matt Mask, renowned for their past achievements, bring experience and a rich history of arm wrestling triumphs to the table.

Featured Athletes

Here’s a table featuring some of the key athletes participating in the “EAST VS WEST 11” Arm Wrestling event:

AthleteCountryAgeWeight ClassArm UsedNotable Achievements
Alizhan MuratovKazakhstan25105 KgLeft Arm
Evgeny PrudnikUkraine36105 KgLeft Arm
Oleg ZhokhUkraine3185 KgLeft Arm
Avtandil TutberidzeGeorgia85 KgLeft Arm
Davit ArabuliGeorgia26115 KgRight Arm
Lachlan AdairAustralia115 KgRight Arm
Matt MaskCanada41Super HeavyweightRight Arm
Wagner BortolatoBrazil42Super HeavyweightRight Arm

Analysis and Predictions for “EAST VS WEST 11”

1. Weight Class Dynamics: The varying weight classes, from 85 Kg to Super Heavyweight, bring unique challenges. Lighter classes often showcase more technique and speed, while heavier classes emphasize brute strength.

2. Athlete Form and History: Veterans like Matt Mask and Wagner Bortolato in the Super Heavyweight class are known for their power and experience, making this a closely watched duel. Younger athletes like Alizhan Muratov and Davit Arabuli might bring fresh strategies and agility to their matches.

3. Technique vs. Power: In arm wrestling, technique, leverage, and speed can sometimes overcome pure strength. This factor makes matches like Oleg Zhokh vs Avtandil Tutberidze in the 85 Kg class particularly unpredictable.

4. Psychological Factors: The mental game in arm wrestling is crucial. Athletes with a strong competitive mindset often gain an edge, especially in high-pressure situations.

5. Predictions:

  • Super Heavyweight: The match between Matt Mask and Wagner Bortolato could be a clash of titans, with predictions slightly favoring the more experienced Mask.
  • 105 Kg & 85 Kg Classes: These classes might see more technical battles, with athletes like Alizhan Muratov and Oleg Zhokh possibly having an edge due to their agility and technique.
  • 115 Kg Class: A match-up like Davit Arabuli vs Lachlan Adair could go either way, depending on who better adapts their strategy on the day.

East vs West 11 Results

In the East vs West 11 Results, notable victories included Aymeric Pradine defeating Robbie Topie 3-1 in the light heavyweight supermatch, Nurdalet Aidarkhan winning against Vala Ichqiti 3-1 in the welterweight category, and Oleg Petrenko securing a 3-0 win over Marcio Barboza in the light heavyweight division. In the world title matches, Oleg Zhokh triumphed 4-0 over Avtandil Tutberidze, Mindaugas Tarasaitis won 4-2 against Daniel Procopciuc, and Artem Taynov achieved a 4-0 victory against Zurab Tavbaridze. The event showcased intense matchups and exceptional skill, highlighting the competitive spirit of arm wrestling.

Here’s the table summarizing the results of East vs West 11:

Match TypeCompetitorsWinnerScore
Light heavyweight SupermatchRobbie Topie vs Aymeric PradineAymeric Pradine1 – 3
Welterweight SupermatchVala Ichqiti vs Nurdalet AidarkhanNurdalet Aidarkhan1 – 3
Light Heavyweight supermatchMarcio Barboza vs Oleg PetrenkoOleg Petrenko0 – 3
Welterweight World TitleOleg Zhokh vs Avtandil TutberidzeOleg Zhokh4 – 0
Lightweight World TitleDaniel Procopciuc vs Mindaugas TarasaitisMindaugas Tarasaitis2 – 4
Middleweight World TitleArtem Taynov vs Zurab TavbaridzeArtem Taynov4 – 0
Middleweight supermatchIrakli Zirakashvili vs Paul LinnIrakli Zirakashvili3 – 0
Super HeavyweightMatt Mask vs Wagner BortolatoMatt Mask3 – 1
Welterweight World TitleDavit Samushia vs Vladimir MaiorovDavit Samushia4 – 1
Heavyweight World TitleIvan Matyushenko vs Rino MasicIvan Matyushenko3 – 1
Light Heavyweight supermatchJohn Brzenk vs Krasimir KostadinovKrasimir Kostadinov0 – 3
Light heavyweight world titleAlizhan Muratov vs Evgeny PrudnikAlizhan Muratov4 – 0
Light heavyweight world titleTodd Hutchings vs David DadikyanDavid Dadikyan1 – 4
Super heavyweight world titleAlex Kurdecha vs Artyom MorozovArtyom Morozov2 – 4

Significance and Impact

“EAST VS WEST 11” transcends the boundaries of a mere competition, embodying a grand celebration of arm wrestling’s escalating global appeal and the unwavering commitment of its athletes. This event is not only a platform for showcasing exceptional strength and skill but also a pivotal moment that could shape the future trajectory of the sport internationally.

Significance and Impact

The results and developments arising from these matches will likely set new standards and trends, influencing arm wrestling practices and popularity across continents, thus marking a significant milestone in the history of this gripping sport.


As we approach the event, the anticipation builds. “EAST VS WEST 11” is not just an event; it’s a testament to the human spirit’s strength and resilience. This edition promises to add another exciting chapter to the arm wrestling saga.


EAST VS WEST 11 is a major international arm wrestling competition featuring top athletes from various weight classes, showcasing their strength and skill.

The event is scheduled for January 20, 2024, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Key matches include Devon Larratt vs Denis Cyplenkov, Matt Mask vs Wagner Bortolato, and several other high-profile clashes across different weight categories.

The event includes various weight classes like 85 Kg, 105 Kg, 115 Kg, and the Super Heavyweight category.

Notable athletes include Matt Mask, Wagner Bortolato, Devon Larratt, Denis Cyplenkov, and others known for their exceptional arm wrestling abilities.

Updates and detailed information can be found on the official EAST VS WEST arm wrestling event website and related sports news outlets.

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