King of the Table 9 Results: A Showdown of Titans


On December 9, 2023, the arm wrestling world turned its attention to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for the much-anticipated King of the Table 9 event. This competition brought together some of the most formidable arm wrestlers from around the globe, each aiming to prove their dominance in this gripping sport. The event was not just a test of strength but also of technique, endurance, and mental fortitude.

The King of the Table 9 arm wrestling event showcased a series of intense and gripping matches. Here’s a detailed look at the results: Checkout the Details of King of the Table 10 Results in our comprehensive article.

King of the Table 9 Results

Here’s a table summarizing the results of the King of the Table 9 arm wrestling event:

Match No.CompetitorsWinnerScore
1Sarah Collins vs. Nisa CamadanNisa Camadan6-0
2Lars Rorbakken vs. Valera ChubotaruLars Rorbakken4-3
3Serhii Kalinichenko vs. Arif ArtemSerhii Kalinichenko4(5)-1
4Larry Wheels vs. Leonidas ArkonaLeonidas Arkona4(6)-0
5Ermes Gasparini vs. Vitaly LaletinErmes Gasparini4-2
6Devon Larratt vs. Georgi TsvetkovDevon Larratt5(6)-0

This table provides a clear and concise overview of the outcomes of each match, highlighting the winners and their respective scores.

King of the Table 9 Results Match Highlights

Sarah Collins vs. Nisa Camadan

  • Highlight: Nisa Camadan dominated the match with her exceptional technique and strength.
  • Outcome: Nisa Camadan won with a decisive 6-0 score, showcasing her superiority in the match.

Lars Rorbakken vs. Valera Chubotaru

  • Highlight: This match was a rollercoaster of power and tactics. Both competitors showed incredible resilience, but Rorbakken’s experience shone through.
  • Outcome: Lars Rorbakken clinched victory with a close 4-3 score, marking a hard-fought win.

Serhii Kalinichenko vs. Arif Artem

  • Highlight: Kalinichenko’s strategy and endurance were the key factors in this match. His ability to adapt to Artem’s technique was remarkable.
  • Outcome: Serhii Kalinichenko emerged victorious with a 4(5)-1 score, demonstrating his tactical prowess.

Larry Wheels vs. Leonidas Arkona

  • Highlight: Arkona’s surprising strength and agility were on full display, overwhelming Wheels in each round.
  • Outcome: Leonidas Arkona won convincingly with a 4(6)-0 score, proving his dominance in the match.

Ermes Gasparini vs. Vitaly Laletin

  • Highlight: This match was a clash of titans, with both competitors showcasing immense power. Gasparini’s technique, however, gave him the edge.
  • Outcome: Ermes Gasparini secured a win with a 4-2 score, in a match that was a true test of strength.

Devon Larratt vs. Georgi Tsvetkov

  • Highlight: The main event of the evening, this match was a display of Larratt’s experience and skill against Tsvetkov’s youthful energy.
  • Outcome: Devon Larratt triumphed with a 5(6)-0 score, reaffirming his status as a legend in the sport.

Event Highlights

  • Main Event: The highlight of the event was the match Devon Larratt Vs Georgi Tsvetkov, with Devon Larratt emerging victorious.
  • Venue: The event took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on December 9, 2023.
  • Global Attention: Arm wrestling enthusiasts from around the world tuned in to witness these high-stakes matches.

Audience Engagement

The atmosphere in Dubai was electric, with fans and enthusiasts cheering on their favorite athletes. The event was not just a competition but a celebration of the sport, with each match drawing cheers and gasps from the audience. The global arm wrestling community was glued to their screens, witnessing history being made.


King of the Table 9 was a remarkable event in the arm wrestling world, showcasing the skills and strengths of some of the best arm wrestlers. Each match was a display of technique, power, and endurance, contributing to an unforgettable experience for both the competitors and the audience.


What is King of the Table 9?

King of the Table 9 is a premier arm wrestling event that features some of the best arm wrestlers from around the world. It was held in Dubai on December 9, 2023.

Who were the competitors in King of the Table 9?

The event featured several top arm wrestlers, including Sarah Collins, Nisa Camadan, Lars Rorbakken, Valera Chubotaru, Serhii Kalinichenko, Arif Artem, Larry Wheels, Leonidas Arkona, Ermes Gasparini, Vitaly Laletin, Devon Larratt, and Georgi Tsvetkov.

What were the results of King of the Table 9?

The results were as follows:
Nisa Camadan defeated Sarah Collins 6-0.
Lars Rorbakken won against Valera Chubotaru 4-3.
Serhii Kalinichenko beat Arif Artem 4(5)-1.
Leonidas Arkona triumphed over Larry Wheels 4(6)-0.
Ermes Gasparini defeated Vitaly Laletin 4-2.
Devon Larratt won against Georgi Tsvetkov 5(6)-0.

Where was King of the Table 9 held?

The event took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

How can I watch the matches from King of the Table 9?

The matches were available for viewing through pay-per-view (PPV) services. Check the event’s official website or associated sports streaming platforms for replay options.

Was there a main event at King of the Table 9?

Yes, the main event featured Devon Larratt vs. Georgi Tsvetkov, with Devon Larratt emerging victorious.

How can I get into arm wrestling?

Arm wrestling requires training, strength, and technique. Interested individuals can start by joining local arm wrestling clubs, participating in local competitions, and seeking guidance from experienced arm wrestlers.

Where can I find more information about arm wrestling events?

For more information, you can visit arm wrestling association websites, follow arm wrestling events on social media, or join arm wrestling forums and communities online.

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