Devon Larratt Record’s : Age, Height, Weight, Net worth 2024

We have seen how Devon Larratt is dominating the world of arm wrestling. He is also known for his great table IQ. His insane pronator muscle makes him one of the best in Arm wrestling.

Devon Larratt

Devon Larratt is a professional Canadian Arm wrestler, Content Creator, and a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces. Born on 24 April 1975, considered one of the famous arm wrestler in the world. Also best known for winning titles with both right and left hands at the same time.

Devon Larratt is a legendary figure in the world of arm wrestling, known for his impressive record and incredible strength. At 49 years old, standing 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing around 285.5 pounds, Devon has achieved remarkable success in his career. His net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $3 million, reflecting his dominance in the sport and his popularity among fans. Beyond arm wrestling, Devon is a content creator and a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces. This article will delve into the details of his age, height, weight, and net worth, offering an insightful look into the life of this arm wrestling icon.

Record: 34-4
Hometown: Big Island, Ontario
Favorite Technique: “Bleed and Adapt” Toproll
Rivalries: John Brzenk, Dave Chaffee, Michael Todd
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 21.1 inches/53.6 cm

He is widely regarded as one of the world’s top arm wrestlers and, following his impressive performance at King of the Table 7, many now consider him the greatest arm wrestler in North America.

Devon Larratt

Devon Larratt’s Age & Height

Devon Larratt is 49 years old as of 2024. He is 6 feet 5in tall (1.83m), Larratt weighed in at 129.5 kg or 285.5 pounds. Biceps 18.1” | 46cm, His Forearm 15.7” | 40 cm, Wrist 8.7” | 22 cm.

Devon Larratt
Devon Larratt
  • 49 Years Old
  • 6 Feet 5inch Tall (1.83m)
  • Weight 129.5kg or (285.5 pounds)
  • Biceps 18.1” | 46cm
  • Forearm 15.7” | 40 cm
  • Wrist 8.7” | 22 cm

Devon Larratt Family

Devon Larratt’s family is deeply involved in arm wrestling. His wife, Jodi Larratt, has made a name for herself in the Arm wrestling, breaking gender norms and promoting inclusivity. Their children, Auden Larratt, Milo Larratt, and Habree Larratt, also share this passion. Auden has already become a professional arm wrestler and recently defeated James English in a best-of-5 match at the Challenger Series. Milo Larratt, although often seen arm wrestling with his father in videos, hasn’t yet competed professionally. Habree Larratt is making progress as a high school arm wrestler. Devon’s brother, Shannon, is also part of the family’s connection to the sport. The Larratt family’s dedication to arm wrestling is truly inspiring, which is why they are often called a Family of Arm Wrestlers.

Devon Larratt Education

In 1981 he went to Prince Edward Collegiate Institute (PECI) at the age of 6. This School is located in Picton at the province of Ontario. After Graduating from school  Larratt joined the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command at the age of 21, where he served with Joint Task Force 2 for sixteen years.

Devon Larratt’s Career

In 1999, Larratt entered his first international competition, competing at a worlds event in Japan, where he defeated Krister Jonsson and lost to John Brzenk Larratt placed third in the left-handed 100 kg competition. Despite his military service, Devan Larratt continued to train and compete in arm wrestling, crediting his experiences at various military bases for his success.

His arm wrestling career saw numerous victories and notable matches, including a victory over John Brzenk and a series of wins that solidified his position as the #1 ranked right-handed arm wrestler in the world. Additionally, he engaged in exhibition boxing against Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, and his arm wrestling accomplishments include winning the Legacy Hammer and achieving the status of the oldest Super-Heavyweight champion in arm wrestling history at age 48.

Devon Larratt’s Records

He is a highly regarded professional arm wrestler, has achieved an impressive list of records and accomplishments in his career. Some of his notable achievements include numerous arm wrestling tournament wins, championships, and titles in various weight classes and categories. He has competed and excelled in both national and international competitions, solidifying his status as one of the top arm wrestlers in the world.

2024Levan SaginashviliLoseRight Hand4-0East vs West 12
2023Denis CyplenkovWonRight Hand5-0East Vs West X (10)
2023Georgi TsvetkovWonLeft Hand5-0Arm Wars Dark Card 3
2023Ermes GaspariniWonRight Hand3-0East vs West 9
2023Sergey KalinichenkoWonLeft Hand4-0AWC Reloaded
2023Ryan EspeyWonLeft Hand3-0Canada Nationals
2023Ryan EspeyWonRight Hand3-0Canada Nationals
2023Dave ChaffeeWonRight Hand6-0KOTT 7
2023Yordan TsonevWonLeft Hand4-0BSA 4
2023Daniel Lund KristensenWonLeft Hand6-0Arm Wars Dark Card 2
2023Mindaugas DulskasWonLeft Hand6-0Arm Wars Dark Card 2
2023Genadi KvikviniaLossRight Hand2-3East vs West 7
2023Sandris SedisWonLeft Hand4-2Arm Wars Dark Card
2023Sandris SedisWonRight Hand6-0Arm Wars Dark Card
2022Evgeny PrudnikWonRight Hand3-0East vs West 5
2022Levan SaginashviliLossRight Hand0-6KOTT 4
2021John BrzenkWonRight Hand4-0KOTT 2
2021Michael ToddWonRight Hand6-0KOTT 1
2021Janek KwiasWonRight Hand3-0BAL 204
2021Janek KwiasWonLeft Hand3-0BAL 204
2019Wagner BortolatoWonLeft Hand3-1WAL
2019Ryan ScottWonRight Hand3-0AAW Federation
2019Dave ChaffeeWonRight Hand3-1WAL
2019Todd HutchingsWonRight Hand3-0WAL
2018Jerry CadoretteWonRight Hand3-2WAL
2018Matt MaskWonRight Hand3-1WAL
2018Denis CyplenkovLossLeft Hand1-5Arm Fight 50
2018Michael ToddLossRight Hand2-3WAL
2017Matt MaskWonLeft Hand3-1WAL
2017Ron BathWonRight Hand2-0WAL
2017Matt MaskWonRight Hand3-0WAL
2017Frank BudelewskiWonRight Hand6-0Buffalo Fitness Expo
2017Zhao Zi RuiWonLeft Hand3-0SAL
2016Ron BathWonRight Hand3-0WAL
2016Matt MaskWonLeft Hand3-0WAL
2016Marcio BarbozaWonRight Hand2-0WAL
2015Tom NelsonWonLeft Hand2-0WAL
2015Marcio BarbozaWonLeft HandResignation (injury)WAL
2015John BrzenkLossRight Hand1-2WAL
2014Mike AyelloWonRight Hand2-0WAL
2014Christian BinnieWonLeft Hand2-0UAL 4
2014Kenny HughesWonRight Hand2-0WAL
2014Marcio BarbozaWonLeft Hand3-0WAL
2014Marcio BarbozaLossRight Hand0-3WAL
2013Oleg ZhokhWonLeft Hand3-0UAL 4
2013Eric WoelfelWonLeft Hand3-0UAL 4
2013Wilton BrockWonLeft Hand3-0UAL 4
2012Tim BresnanWonRight Hand4-3MLA
2012Andriy PushkarWonLeft Hand5-1ArmBet 42
2011Don UnderwoodWonRight Hand4-3Arm Wars
2011Christophe LaduWonLeft Hand6-0UAL
2011Michael ToddWonRight Hand4-2UAL
2011Travis BagentLossLeft Hand1-3UAL
2011Travis BagentWonRight Hand3-0UAL
2010Travis BagentWonLeft Hand4-3Arm Wars
2010Tim BresnanWonRight Hand5-1Arm Wars
2010Don UnderwoodWonRight Hand4-3Arm Wars
2010Richard LupkesWonRight Hand6-0Arm Wars
2009Sylvain PerronWonLeft Hand3-0Mike Classic
2009Mike GouldWonRight Hand3-0Mike Classic
2008John BrzenkWonRight Hand6-0Arm Wars
2008Marcio BarbozaWonLeft Hand5-1Arm Wars
2008Travis BagentWonRight Hand5-1Arm Wars
2007Ron BathWonRight Hand6-0Arm Wars
2006Taras IvakinLossRight Hand2-4PAL
2006Ron BathWonRight Hand3-1Mike Classic
2005Simon PerronWonRight Hand3-0Mike Classic
2005Sylvain PerronWonLeft Hand3-0Mike Classic
2005Travis BagentLossRight Hand1-3Mike Classic
2004John BrzenkLossRight Hand0-2Super Stars
2004Greg BoyesWonRight Hand3-0Ontario Championships
2004Mike BowlingWonRight Hand3-0Ontario Championships
2004Marcio BarbozaWonRight Hand2-0Super Stars
2004Jacob AbbottWonRight Hand2-0Super Stars
2004George GottschalkWonLeft Hand3-0Ontario Championships
2003Mike GouldWonLeft Hand3-0Ontario Championships
2003Rob GrahamWonRight Hand3-0Ontario Championships
1999Krister JonssonWonRight Hand1-0Worlds
1999John BrzenkLossLeft Hand0-1Worlds
Devon Larratt Records

World Armwrestling League Titles

2017 – WAL Championships – 1st Place, Heavyweight – Right Hand
2017 – WAL Championships – 1st Place, Heavyweight – Left Hand
2016 – WAL Northern Regionals – 1st Place, Heavyweight – Right Hand
2016 – WAL Northern Regionals – 1st Place, Heavyweight – Left Hand
2016 – WAL Championships – 1st Place, Heavyweight – Right Hand
2016 – WAL Championships – 1st Place, Heavyweight – Left Hand
2015 – WAL Southern Regionals – 1st Place, Heavyweight – Left Hand
2015 – WAL Championships – 1st Place, Heavyweight – Left Hand
2014 – WAL Championships – 1st Place, Heavyweight – Left Hand

Net Worth & Income Sources

Devon Larratt made most of his fortune from Arm wrestling, Arm Wrestling Competitions, Sponsorships and others. Through competing in Arm Wrestling competitions worldwide, he has amassed a substantial fortune. According to multiple sources, his current net worth is somewhere around 3 Million Dollars as of 2024.

Though he made most of his fortune from Arm wrestling, but, this isn’t his only income source. While the specific details of his income may vary from year to year, here is a list of potential income sources for Devon Larratt.

  • Sponsorships
  • Arm Wrestling Competitions
  • YouTube and Social Media
  • Training and Coaching
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Public Appearances and Seminars
  • Media Appearances
  • Online Arm Wrestling Communities
  • Endorsement Deals
  • Product Development
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Investments

Devon Larratt’s Endorsements

Because of his fame, many big companies regularly ask him to be their sponsor. The sponsors he currently has and the deals he’s made with brands are making him a lot of money. He’s worked with companies like Rogue, CrossFit, and The Beard Struggle.


Larratt did a few charity matches, and one of them was “Premier 101 International Charity Arm Wrestling 2018”. 

Facts About Devan Larrat’s

Larratt is a renowned figure in the world of arm wrestling, is not only a talented athlete but also an intriguing personality. Here are some interesting facts about him:

  1. Versatile Champion: Devon Larratt is known for his incredible versatility in arm wrestling. He has achieved success in multiple weight classes and is equally formidable in both left-handed and right-handed competitions.
  2. Technical Prowess: Devon Larratt is celebrated for his technical approach to arm wrestling. He is often recognized for his strategic thinking, making him a formidable opponent who can outmaneuver rivals even in the most challenging situations.
  3. World Champion: He has earned numerous world titles and championships throughout his arm wrestling career, solidifying his status as one of the sport’s all-time greats.
  4. Contributor to the Sport: Larratt has been instrumental in popularizing arm wrestling and has worked tirelessly to promote the sport to a wider audience. He’s known for his approachable and engaging personality, which has helped draw fans to the sport.
  5. YouTube Presence: Devon Larratt maintains an active YouTube channel where he shares insights into arm wrestling techniques, training methods, and behind-the-scenes footage of his competitions. His videos have garnered a substantial following among arm wrestling enthusiasts.
  6. Physical Training: In addition to his arm wrestling skills, Larratt is a fitness enthusiast who focuses on overall physical conditioning. He often emphasizes the importance of strength training, endurance, and proper nutrition in his videos.
  7. Friendly Rivalries: While arm wrestling can be intensely competitive, Larratt is known for maintaining respectful and friendly relationships with his opponents, even after challenging matches. This sportsmanship has earned him admiration in the arm wrestling community.
  8. Dedication to Improvement: Despite his many achievements, Larratt remains dedicated to improving his skills and often seeks out challenging opponents and training partners to continue honing his craft.
  9. Inspiring Others: Through his YouTube channel and social media presence, Larratt has inspired countless individuals to take up arm wrestling and pursue their fitness goals.
  10. Family Man: Beyond the arm wrestling arena, Larratt is a devoted family man. He often shares moments with his wife and children, providing insight into his life beyond the sport.

Devon Larratt’s Social Profiles

Following are the official and verified profiles of Devon Larratt, feel free to follow him on Social Media.


In conclusion, Devon Larratt’s article offers a compelling perspective on the world of arm wrestling, showcasing not only his expertise in the sport but also his passion and dedication to its growth. Larratt’s insights into the physical and mental aspects of arm wrestling, as well as his emphasis on the importance of technique and strategy, provide valuable lessons not only for aspiring arm wrestlers but for anyone pursuing excellence in their chosen field. His article serves as a testament to the power of determination, discipline, and continuous learning, encouraging readers to apply these principles in their own pursuits and reminding us that success is often achieved through a combination of skill, perseverance, and an unwavering belief in one’s abilities.


  1. Who has defeated Devon Larratt?

    Levan Saginashvili beat Devon Larratt with a score of 4-0.

  2. Is Devon Larratt the greatest arm wrestler?

    Devon Larratt’s is one of the best arm wrestlers in the world.

  3. Why is Devon Larratt so good at arm-wrestling?

    Due to his insane pronator muscle.

  4. How big is Devon Larratt bicep?

    Devon Larratt Biceps Size is 18.1” | 46cm.

  5. Devon Larratt Height?

    He is 6 feet 5in tall (1.83m).

  6. Devon Larratt Weight?

    Larratt weighed in at 129.5 kg, or 285.5 pounds.

  7. Devon Larratt Wrist Size?

    Devon Larratt Wrist Size 8.7” | 22 cm.

  8. Devon Larratt Bicep’s Size?

    Devon Larratt Biceps Size 18.1” | 46cm.

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